More Than Lab Equipment: 11 Amazing Facts About Mice You Don’t Know

More Than Lab Equipment: 11 Amazing Facts About Mice You Don't Know

While small animals including mice make up only 14% of the pets owned in the U.S., that doesn’t mean you should overlook these tiny rodents if you’re considering adding one to your household. Mice are remarkably intelligent and resourceful creatures. All species of mice—including unwanted ones that may get into your home—share the same … Read more

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Melon?

The argument on whether or not guinea pigs can eat Melon is fascinating. Melons are luscious fruits that quench our thirst during summer or any other hot day. No one can resist the ultimate sweetness in these gorgeous fruits. But occasionally we find ourselves wondering if Guinea pigs can eat melons too. … Read more

Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About A Shih Tzu

If you are an owner of a Shih Tzu, you probably already know they are special. The Shih Tzu is a hairy and fluffy dog breed that is a dead ringer for the Ewoks in the famous Star Wars movies. Energetic and playful, when you gaze into your Shin Tzu’s eyes, they … Read more

10 facts you didn’t know about Iguanas

1. There are around 35 species of iguana

And they’re all a bit different – although the family has undergone some reclassification in recent years.

The iguana that most people are probably most familiar with is the common Green iguana, which is also a popular pet. Some others include the Marine iguana and the Lesser Antillean iguana (both of which we’ll learn more about later), the Desert iguana which doesn’t even really look like an iguana, and the Spiny Tailed iguana which can be smaller than a meter in length.

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3 Best Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots In America

3 Best Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots In America

Having those little puppy eyes and wagging tails greet you every time you walk on that door is the most rewarding part of going home after a very long day. No matter how wonderful or bad your day went, he will be ready to leap and greet you with kisses. The very … Read more

Ten Fascinating Facts About Reptiles

Ten Fascinating Facts About Reptiles

ExoticDirect pet insurance have collected ten of the most fascinating facts about reptiles. 1. There are four main reptile groups. These are the Crocodilians, which includes alligators and, of course, crocodiles, the Squamates which includes lizards and snakes, the Tuatara which look like lizards but differ in their bone structure, and the Turtles, which contains, well, turtles. Turtles and Crocodilians have … Read more

10 Lies About Dogs We All Believe

10 lies about dogs we all believe

Understanding the behavior of our pet dogs helps us to take care of them better. When our dogs don’t act normally as they should or are not feeling well, we take appropriate actions to address such behavior. Unfortunately though, the information that we receive about dogs is mostly untrue. Here in this … Read more

What Are the Most Endangered Species

What Are the Most Endangered Species

Due to land development, agriculture, and many other environmental factors, the habitats of some species have been reduced, and continuously reducing, sadly. Pollution, hunting and poaching are the major factors why these species are on the endangered list. Action must be taken as soon as possible so that they won’t be nearing … Read more