Learn About Feather Plucking in Birds

parrot ruffled feathers

Feather plucking, a behavior commonly observed in birds, has long been a subject of concern and curiosity among bird owners and enthusiasts. Whether you are a new bird owner or an experienced avian lover, understanding the causes, effects, and possible solutions to feather plucking is crucial for the well-being of your avian … Read more

Tips for Creating a Bird-Friendly Environment

blue jay in a birdhouse

A bird-friendly environment is crucial for the preservation and well-being of our avian friends. As human development continues to expand and encroach on natural habitats, it is important for us to take proactive steps to ensure that birds have a safe and suitable place to thrive.  By providing them with a welcoming … Read more

How Long Does a Hahn’s Macaw Live?

A Hahn’s Macaw

How long does a Hahn’s Macaw live? This is a question that a lot of people are interested in knowing the answer to. A Hahn’s Macaw is a beautiful bird that can be found in many parts of the world. They’re known for their bright colors and their playful personalities. In this … Read more

Tips for Telling if Your Pet Bird is Unhappy

pet bird in a cage

Knowing a pet’s emotions could often be hard for pet owners, especially if we talk about birds. Unlike dogs and cats, it’s often hard to spot whether your pet bird is stressed or unhappy. But as pet owners, we must do what we can to maintain their emotions intact as well, since … Read more

Tips For Feeding Your Pet Bird

Flock of birds eating

If you ever find yourself interested in having birds as pets, you might get confused about what they should and shouldn’t eat. As pet owners, it’s relatively okay if you are worried about minor details such as this. Since nutrition will always be part of your bird’s growth, let alone any animal. … Read more

Top Tips for Taking Care of Pet Birds

parrot, a woman in the background

Despite the birds’ good nature and beautiful features, learning how to take good care of them as a pet requires more work and a little of your common sense. Although having pet birds is different from having cats and dogs, they need as much effort as you do with the other two to be … Read more

How to Tell If Your Pet Bird is Unhappy

pet bird

Birds, much like humans and other animals, are capable of becoming unhappy and even depressed. Prolonged depression can lead to a whole lot of problems, such as lowered immune response and self-destructive behaviors. If you suspect your pet to be depressed, try comparing its behavior with the points listed below. Signs indicating … Read more

Will An Amazon Parrot Make A Great Pet Bird?

Amazon Parrot

The Amazon parrot may be your next new favorite pet—it ties with the African Grey parrot in terms of fame—and 7% of bird parents own at least one Amazon or African Grey parrot. Amazon parrots are full of personality, good talkers, and colorful, making them one of the most sought-after pet birds. … Read more

Will An African Grey Parrot Make A Great Pet Bird?

African Grey Parrot

The African Grey parrot is among the most popular pet birds that you can find in the pet trade, and for one primary reason: this bird species is the greatest talker among all parrots, which is why people are naturally drawn to it. Aside from its talking ability, this medium-sized parrot is … Read more

Will A Hahn’s Macaw Make A Great Pet Bird?

Hahn’s Macaw

The Hahn’s Macaw is one of the smallest and popular macaw species due to their playful and sociable dispositions. They are handy, compact, birds that make excellent pet birds for owners who are willing to spend a lot of time with them. The Hahn’s Macaws are capable of learning various tricks and … Read more