Can You Keep Pigs and Horses in the Same Pasture?

Can You Keep Pigs and Horses in the Same Pasture

If you are a farmer or horse enthusiast, you may be wondering if it is possible to keep pigs and horses in the same pasture. The answer to this question is yes, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the … Read more

When Should You Take Your Pet to a Veterinarian

Dog Having a Checkup on a Veterinarian

Having a pet around the house imposes greater responsibility. This added obligation in pets includes bringing them to a vet when needed. However, not every bump and scratch should be taken to a veterinarian, and there are only particular things you need to remember when you need to bring them. Just to … Read more

Learn the Benefits of Playing with Your Cat

A lady playing with a cat

Many cats are perfectly content to spend the entire day perched on a windowsill, napping and watching the world pass them by. However, this does not eliminate the possibility that cats require or enjoy playing games with their owners. They do, without a doubt! Cats enjoy being mentally and physically stimulated. Also, … Read more

What Human Foods Aren’t Suitable for Cats?

Cat Eating

Being a fur parent to a household feline means you want to provide them all the care and comfort you can give them. But growing as a child, we were often exposed to T.V shows, movies, and skits where we see cats eating or drinking. That’s why we’ve always assumed that cats … Read more

Learn What Foods to Avoid Giving to Birds

Close Up of Seagull

Having birds as pets is entirely different from having cats or dogs. One vital difference between them is their diet, which could become critical if you give your birds the wrong type of food. And these foods might seem simple and healthy for humans but can actually make your pet birds sick. … Read more

Tips for bathing a fussy pet

dog, bathtub, tiles, human arms, soap suds

Bath time at home can be a pleasant bonding activity for you and your pet. However, it can instantly turn messy if your pet is fussy and constantly trying to get away from the wash area. If you’re hoping to avoid chasing after your soaking wet pet the next time you wash … Read more

Reasons To Treat Dog’s Anxiety With CBD Oil

Reasons To Treat Dog's Anxiety With CBD Oil

Moving to a new home, separation from the master, pain, inflammation, and so on… several factors are contributing to the dog’s increasing anxiety level.  Every time taking your furry friend to doctors is not a good decision, especially when you have a natural remedy to cheer him up. You can try giving … Read more

Deciding to Become a Veterinarian

a veterinarian checking a dog

The best career for animal lovers who want to take their passion seriously is a veterinarian. A veterinarian is a doctor who gets the qualification to practice the science of prevention, cure, and alleviation of diseases and animals’ injuries. Is it Easy to Be a Veterinarian? Igniting a desire to work with … Read more

How to Care for Your Dog’s Ears

person holding a dog’s ears

If you have pet dogs, you’re probably spending a lot of time and effort taking care of them. To keep your dog healthy, it is essential to feed them proper food, enough water, and as well as regular exercise. If you’re a new dog owner, there are Best Dog Blogs that you … Read more

What are the different type of veterinarian specialties?

A veterinarian conducts a surgery on a domestic cat

Animals tend to be one of the best companions of humans. Not only are they friendly but also keep us secure from potential threats. Similar to humans, animals experience all sorts of diseases and it is the primary job of the owner to look after it. While keeping a pet animal, you … Read more