10 Ways to Prepare for The Last Days of Your Dying Dog

dying puppy

Talking about death is often difficult since it brings about feelings of sadness and confusion. However, none of us will be around forever and in most cases, our pets will predecease us.  As much as you hate the idea of saying goodbye to your dog, you will probably have to do so … Read more

A Brief Guide On Disability Insurance For Veterinarians

A Brief Guide On Disability Insurance For Veterinarians

If you’re an animal lover, perhaps nothing can be as rewarding as being a veterinarian. But furry friends can be highly unpredictable and dangerous, no matter if you’re dealing with a domesticated cat, a farm equine, or a zoo reptile. So, what happens if you’re caught in an accident with your beloved … Read more

Cat Diet: How to Switch Your Cat’s Food

Cat Diet How to Switch Your Cat’s Food

Cat owners are constantly on the lookout for better quality food for their feline companions, rich in nutrients and made with high-quality ingredients. Food introduced early in a kitten’s life plays a crucial role on what she prefers while growing up. As she gradually transitions into adulthood, her food changes should also … Read more

3 Expert Horse Riding Tips Every Beginner Should Know

3 Expert Horse Riding Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Horses are noble, intelligent, and energetic creatures. With humans everywhere, they can build life-long relationships. This is why equestrianism (horse riding) is one of the world’s most popular and loved sports. However, horses can seem intimidating if you are just getting started, especially when you don’t know how to approach them. They … Read more

Things To Keep In Mind Before Adopting Your First Pet Cat


There are various things to emphasize which you need to think through before deciding to become a pet parent. From food habits to sleeping schedules, your life changes a lot from the get-go, when you decide to become a parent, even though you become a pet parent or a parent to a … Read more

Everything you need to know about Pacman Frog

Everything you need to know about Pacman Frog

It is easy to understand why this frog has been called “Pacman frog”. Their huge round shape comes equipped with a funny big mouth and stomach that can gulp almost any nutriment that passes over its way! Pacman frogs can live for up to 10-15 years in custody. Based on the sex … Read more

Bernedoodle 101- Fun Facts Pet Owners Didn’t Know About Wagging Tails


Have you ever fallen in love with a seriously loving and high-spirited Bernese mountain dog? If yes, then Bernedoodle might be on your list already. Yes, you’ll be reading about a “doodle dog” that resembles a giant teddy bear. Popular under the name Bernese mountain breed, this breed doesn’t gain recognition by … Read more

The Best Ways to Find Lost Pets

Lost Pets

More than 10 million pets are lost in the United States every year. Out of them, many end up in animal shelters. Not only that but some are never found. With that said, there are things that you can do to increase your chances of finding your pet. Interested? Looking for some … Read more