3 Expert Horse Riding Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Horses are noble, intelligent, and energetic creatures. With humans everywhere, they can build life-long relationships. This is why equestrianism (horse riding) is one of the world’s most popular and loved sports.

However, horses can seem intimidating if you are just getting started, especially when you don’t know how to approach them. They are huge. They sometimes act impulsively as they can easily sense fear and insecurity. But, if it is your lifelong dream to ride a horse, you can’t stay afraid of them for long. So, let’s help you become an expert rider even if you have never ridden a horse before.

Treat the Animal as Your Friend

A horse is an animal, but in reality, they are more like humans. They are living and breathing creatures that feel like you do. Remember that an animal can also have a bad day, feel tired, moody, or even scared. Once you find your favorite horse, give it a little time once you approach it. They will sense you, get to know you, and learn to trust you during that time. This is all part of natural horse training that you can apply in practical situations. This is expert advice that will help you every time you decide to ride a horse.

Additionally, make it a habit of talking to your horse calmly and peacefully. Say the name of the horse and get properly acquainted with it before you start petting the creature. Offering a treat such as an apple is always a good starting point.

Choose the Right Riding Gear

It’s right to say that a comfortable saddle is necessary equipment to ride a horse, but it’s not the only one you’ll need. In most training centers, they’ll provide girth, bridle reins, and bit with the horse. Make sure you become familiar with properly adjusting the equipment that will take your care as the care of your horse’s needs.

Next, make sure you pick the right riding outfit. You probably don’t want to go for something that only looks good. Try to find something that looks good as well as serves its purpose. Find a helmet that fits your head correctly, long pants, and boots with small heels. Also, when you are riding while wearing proper footwear, you save your feet from getting in any stirrups, which can cause your horse to drag you around if you, unfortunately, fall from a saddle.

Mounting the Horse

In theory, mounting the horse is the easiest thing to do. You approach the horse, put one foot in the stirrup, stand up, take your other leg over the horse and perfect the art of mounting a horse. But in reality, things are always not the same.

In a real-life scenario, mounting the horse when a beginner takes time, and the horse can get impatient. Try to run away, which can easily disturb your balance.

If you are not confident in your approach, request a friend or horse trainer to hold the animal to keep it still. Your trainer will have the horse from the right side, so it won’t become a problem when trying to mount it. And always wait for the equine to relax before you make a move.

The Last Words

Horses are animals that require you to treat them with love and respect. The calmer in your approach, the better it is for you. Make sure you take all the required safety measures that will keep you and your equine safe on the training field.