Learn the Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

Owner and dog walking

Being a fur parent can have you take care of your dog like it’s your own child, and that’s wonderful. We even tend to be overprotective of everything they eat or do; that’s why we research many things online or consult our local veterinarian about our pup. That boils down to one … Read more

The Best Gifts for Dogs and Dog Lovers

dog with a gift

Dog lovers would surely agree that dogs are the best creatures in the universe. They are the kind of pets that can put up with their human’s weird habits. They are adorable, always excited, love belly rubs, good listeners, and will be happy even with just a piece of stick. Also, when … Read more

Can You Adopt Retired Police Dogs?

A police dog with a police officer

Police dogs risk their lives to protect and assist law officers. They are trained for jobs like tracking criminals, searching for drugs and explosives, finding missing people, and sniffing evidence at the crime scene. They are also trained to have sharp reflexes, so they are the perfect sensing machine in any criminal … Read more

Is a Schnauzer Good for Families with Kids?

Two female Standard Schnauzers.

If your kids have been adamant about getting a family dog, then the first question that comes to your mind would be about the suitable dog breed for families with kids. Schnauzers are one of the most common breeds that are considered good for such families. However, deciding on getting a schnauzer … Read more

How to Care for Your Dog’s Ears

person holding a dog’s ears

If you have pet dogs, you’re probably spending a lot of time and effort taking care of them. To keep your dog healthy, it is essential to feed them proper food, enough water, and as well as regular exercise. If you’re a new dog owner, there are Best Dog Blogs that you … Read more

The Best Dog Breeds for Homebodies

English bulldog playing with a ball

Are you that kind of person who enjoys chilling at home instead of going out to meet with friends in a restaurant or a bar? Most people would probably tell you that you are an introvert, while some will say that you are a homebody. For you, there are so many fun … Read more

Can Carrying a Puppy Harm It?

Can Carrying a Puppy Harm It

When you have a new puppy, it is really tempting to always carry it around because of its cuteness. But have you ever wondered how puppies feel when you carry them? Do you think carrying them can cause them harm? Well, carrying a puppy can harm it when it’s not done properly. … Read more

Muzzles: Are They Still for Today?

Dog with muzzle

In the past, dogs that wear muzzles are often misunderstood as bad or aggressive and they are sometimes scary for some people. Also, the idea of putting a muzzle on your dog can be unsettling because you might wonder if it can breathe, drink, or pant. But muzzles are still for today … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Chaining a Dog Outside

Chaining a dog outside for some people is fine because after all, dogs enjoy getting outside and having them on a leash is the only way to keep them from running away. However, even though they have good intentions behind this act, there are other people who find it not a very … Read more

Tips for Choosing a Puppy from a Shelter

Tips for Choosing a Puppy from a Shelter

Getting a new puppy to take care of is really exciting because you will have a new addition to your family that will give happiness and entertainment. Instead of purchasing one, it’s better to adopt a puppy from a shelter. However, when you choose to adopt a shelter puppy, you will have … Read more

Deciding if a Cat or Dog is Right for Your Family

Cat and dog

For pet lovers, both cats and dogs offer unconditional love, affection, friendship, and as well as other therapeutic benefits for the whole family such as improved general health and wellbeing. Therefore, choosing between getting a cat or dog can be a challenging decision. Cats and dogs have different needs and characteristics that’s … Read more

Border Collies Are Active and Smart

Border Collie

The Border Collie is known to be the smartest dog breed in the world. Aside from that, they are also energetic dogs which are great pets for active and adventurous people. They are known for their unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive. No wonder they became a premier herding dog before, and … Read more

Great Pyrenees: A Gentle Giant

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a large, hardworking dog breed that has a gentle disposition. Its goal in life is to protect sheep, goats, livestock, people, and flowers from any real or imaginary predators that may intrude on your personal space. And of course, to give lots of unconditional love. It is a … Read more

Choosing The Right Doggo For Your Kids – What Should You Know?

Choosing The Right Doggo For Your Kids

It’s an indisputable fact- kids love dogs! Honestly, what child could resist that warm, fuzzy teddy bear come to life (especially breeds that look exactly like stuffed teddy bears, like the Shiba Inu)? Thanks to their intelligence, trainability and the companionship they offer, it’s hard to argue with anything less than such … Read more

Ways to Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable When Traveling with You

Ways To Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable While Traveling With You

The thought of bringing your pet dog with you on vacation is fun, however, it can also alleviate your worry of not knowing what will happen while you’re on the road especially when it’s the first time to take him to travel. Therefore, you need to do your homework on dog travel … Read more

10 Best Dog Shock Collar With Remote Reviews

Dog Shock Collar With Remote

Dog Shock Collar With Remote Pet lovers and to be more specific dog lovers know this fact really well that training any dog is the toughest job in the world and it takes a lot of time. By passage of time, there have been so many innovative technologies through which we can … Read more

The Best Pet Trackers for Dogs

Dog with a tracker

As responsible dog owners, all of us want our pet dogs to stay safe at all times that’s why some of us keep them on leashes or put up fences on our yards. These will give us some peace of mind that they are safe and will stay at home while we’re … Read more

The Best Bluetooth Pet Trackers

Bluetooth pet tracker

There are many types, shapes, and sizes when it comes to pet trackers and each of them offers different features. One of the newest addition to the types of pet trackers is the Bluetooth pet tracker. These are usually small tags that you can attach to your pet’s collar. They can also … Read more

Guide to Hypoallergenic Cats and Dogs

Spring is the season hated by allergy and asthma sufferers because they get runny noses and itchy eyes from pollen. People with allergic rhinitis even get heightened allergic reactions if there are dogs in their environment. If you have allergies but you wanted a furry domestic pet, you might think you have … Read more

Top 10 Best Dog Beds for Older Dogs

Like humans, dogs also experience health problems that accompany old age. Senior canines can be arthritic and may have hip and joint problems. They need extra care because they’re not as strong and as energetic as before, and providing a good quality bed can bring them comfort during their golden years. In … Read more

Learn About Dog Sleeping Positions and Habits and What They Mean

Our pet dogs sleep in different ways and they sometimes have certain habits while sleeping. Did you know that these positions and habits can give us clues about their health and happiness? Sometimes you will notice that your pets sleep in very specific ways and these positions may not be a just … Read more

Ideas for Pet Birthday Parties

Every dog owner remembers a special day when his cute, little, furry pooch friend was born or adopted into the family. Why not consider holding a birthday party for your dog? This will surely bring out your playful side and boost everybody’s mood! If you’re looking for ways on how you can … Read more

Tips for Hiring a Pet Photographer

Being a pet owner is being like a parent of a baby. You’re proud of their milestones, you love cuddling them, showering them with your affections, and capturing their cuteness. Using your camera or smartphone may be a convenient way to capture photos of your dog whenever a cute or playful moment … Read more

Tips for Adopting a Shelter Pet

Welcoming a new pet at home is very exciting for the whole family but it also takes some preparation and work when you adopt a shelter pet. Caring for a pet is more than just giving them food, water, and shelter. There are things you need to know to be able to … Read more

Interesting Facts About Alaskan Sled Dogs

Dog sledding, or sometimes called “mushing”, is the act of dogs pulling a sled. It was the main mode of transportation by the people who lived in the Arctic region. Now, it has become primarily a recreational sport. In fact, mushers from different countries travel to Alaska every year to join the … Read more

What Is the Meaning Behind a Dog’s Tail Movements

What Is the Meaning Behind a Dog’s Tail Movements

They say a wagging tail means the dog is happy and friendly. If the tail is down and between the legs, the dog is sad. But that isn’t always the case. Many pet owners and lovers might be misunderstanding dog tail positions. Yes, in some ways, tail wagging communicates the same message … Read more

Dogs with the Best Sense of Smell

Dogs with the Best Sense of Smell

According to experts, a dog’s olfactory bulb is said to be 40 times that of a human’s! So needless to say, dogs are undisputable when it comes to smelling and sniffing things. While all dogs have a great sense of smell, there are some dog breeds that are more known for their … Read more

Interesting Facts about the Border Collie

Interesting Facts about the Border Collie

The Border Collie has been considered as the most intelligent dog breed in the world. If you have been impressed by their intelligence, you’ll be also impressed by the following facts that make the Border Collie unique and truly charming. 1. Where did the name “Border Collie” come from? The origins of … Read more

Popular Asian Dog Breeds

Popular Asian Dog Breeds

Many people, even dog lovers, aren’t aware of their pet’s origins. You’d be surprised that your pets may have come from origins way farther (and maybe more mystical) than you’d expect. Many of the popular dog breeds that are also registered on the American Kennel Club originated from Asia. Check them out … Read more

Human Foods Dogs Can (and Can’t) Eat

Human Foods Dogs Can (and Can't) Eat

Most of us dog owners love our furry friends too much that we tend to share our things with them, including the food that we eat. See those puppy dog eyes that silently scream “feed me!” every time you take a bite of your food? You can’t help but give in to … Read more