The Best Dog Breeds for Homebodies

English bulldog playing with a ball

Are you that kind of person who enjoys chilling at home instead of going out to meet with friends in a restaurant or a bar? Most people would probably tell you that you are an introvert, while some will say that you are a homebody. For you, there are so many fun … Read more

Can Carrying a Puppy Harm It?

Can Carrying a Puppy Harm It

When you have a new puppy, it is really tempting to always carry it around because of its cuteness. But have you ever wondered how puppies feel when you carry them? Do you think carrying them can cause them harm? Well, carrying a puppy can harm it when it’s not done properly. … Read more

Muzzles: Are They Still for Today?

dog with muzzle

In the past, dogs that wear muzzles are often misunderstood as bad or aggressive and they are sometimes scary for some people. Also, the idea of putting a muzzle on your dog can be unsettling because you might wonder if it can breathe, drink, or pant. But muzzles are still for today … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Chaining a Dog Outside

Chained dog

Chaining a dog outside for some people is fine because after all, dogs enjoy getting outside and having them on a leash is the only way to keep them from running away. However, even though they have good intentions behind this act, there are other people who find it not a very … Read more

Tips for Choosing a Puppy from a Shelter

Tips for Choosing a Puppy from a Shelter

Getting a new puppy to take care of is really exciting because you will have a new addition to your family that will give happiness and entertainment. Instead of purchasing one, it’s better to adopt a puppy from a shelter. However, when you choose to adopt a shelter puppy, you will have … Read more

Deciding if a Cat or Dog is Right for Your Family

cat and dog

For pet lovers, both cats and dogs offer unconditional love, affection, friendship, and as well as other therapeutic benefits for the whole family such as improved general health and wellbeing. Therefore, choosing between getting a cat or dog can be a challenging decision. Cats and dogs have different needs and characteristics that’s … Read more

Border Collies Are Active and Smart

Border Collie

The Border Collie is known to be the smartest dog breed in the world. Aside from that, they are also energetic dogs which are great pets for active and adventurous people. They are known for their unlimited energy, stamina, and working drive. No wonder they became a premier herding dog before, and … Read more

Great Pyrenees: A Gentle Giant

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a large, hardworking dog breed that has a gentle disposition. Its goal in life is to protect sheep, goats, livestock, people, and flowers from any real or imaginary predators that may intrude on your personal space. And of course, to give lots of unconditional love. It is a … Read more

Choosing The Right Doggo For Your Kids – What Should You Know?

Choosing The Right Doggo For Your Kids

It’s an indisputable fact- kids love dogs! Honestly, what child could resist that warm, fuzzy teddy bear come to life (especially breeds that look exactly like stuffed teddy bears, like the Shiba Inu)? Thanks to their intelligence, trainability and the companionship they offer, it’s hard to argue with anything less than such … Read more

Guide to Hypoallergenic Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs

Spring is the season hated by allergy and asthma sufferers because they get runny noses and itchy eyes from pollen. People with allergic rhinitis even get heightened allergic reactions if there are dogs in their environment. If you have allergies but you wanted a furry domestic pet, you might think you have … Read more