Pet Facts

Famous Rabbits from Books TVs and Movies

The role of fictional animal characters in children’s books, cartoons, or movies is quite important. We all love to see…

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Children’s Books Featuring Rabbits

No matter if you are an animal lover or not, these cute, little, cuddly bunny rabbits are the center of…

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Facts Vets Know About Animals That Owners Might Not

Everybody loves animals! It’s a known fact that at some point of our lives, we want to own a pet.…

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10 Fascinating Facts About Iguanas

ExoticDirect pet insurance have collected ten of the most interesting, funny, and downright weird facts about iguanas for your pleasure. So put the…

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10 facts about chameleons

1. The biggest mistake people make about chameleons A lot of people think chameleons change their color based on their…

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Interesting Facts About Alaskan Sled Dogs

Dog sledding, or sometimes called “mushing”, is the act of dogs pulling a sled. It was the main mode of…

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Can Wild Animals Be Tamed?

Common animals such as dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and cows are kept as pets and are adaptive to humans because…

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Interesting Facts About Horses

Apart from dogs, horses also deserve to be called a man’s best friend. They have been used as draft animals.…

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Facts About Snakes

Just thinking about a snake would make anyone shudder — even actual harmless, non-venomous snakes — and much less want…

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Interesting Facts About Dogs

Dogs are your best companions — they’re with you almost all the time, indoors and outdoors. So what more could…

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Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats are our little furry friends. Aside from giving us companionship, they are also excellent in hunting down vermin, such…

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Interesting Facts About Service Dogs

Service dogs are the dogs that are trained to perform certain tasks other than police work. They are trained to…

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