Iditarod Sled Facts

Sled Dogs Running the Iditarod

Did you know that the Iditarod sled race is one of the longest and most grueling races in the world? The race spans over 1,000 miles across Alaska, and it takes participants between nine and eleven days to complete. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some interesting facts about the Iditarod sled … Read more

Interesting Facts About Potbellied Pigs

Black Hairy Mini Pig on Green Grass

Are you a pig lover? Do you consider making them pets? Some would actually see them as exotic pets, but they are pretty common in some people in other countries, plus they are already domesticated. Here, you can check a different breed from the regular pig you usually see. This is called … Read more

The Downsides of Having a Pet

dog, wooden floors

Humans are sometimes so preoccupied with the idea of owning a pet that they forget about the responsibilities that come with it. Of course, having a pet who is happy to welcome you home after a long day as well as one who will encourage you to get some exercise is great, … Read more

Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet

pink background, cats, dogs, corgi, poodle, british shorthair

Pets are a great source of companionship, motivation, and comfort for their owners. These beloved animals, in a lot of ways, help their humans to achieve better mental health. The companionship they offer is a great way of reducing stress and anxiety. The relationship humans and animals have with each other is … Read more

Best Pets for Cuddling

dog sitting on woman’s lap, woman holding a cup, men in black jacket holding a cup

Having a pet could improve one’s life in so many ways. It has many benefits, especially to one’s mental health. Pets help relieve stress, and help ease anxiety, and they are really a big help when dealing with depression. Besides, they also benefit our physical health by lowering our blood pressure and … Read more

Famous Rabbits from Books TVs and Movies

Statue evoking Bugs Bunny at Butterfly Park Bangladesh

The role of fictional animal characters in children’s books, cartoons, or movies is quite important. We all love to see little furry animals talking and interacting with kids. The fictional character of the bunny in Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is probably one of the striking pieces of children’s literature that come to … Read more

Children’s Books Featuring Rabbits

Easter bunny rabbit

No matter if you are an animal lover or not, these cute, little, cuddly bunny rabbits are the center of attraction for all of us. They can easily put a smile on your face and make you go ‘aww…’ These little bunnies have also played quite a role in storybooks for kids … Read more

Facts Vets Know About Animals That Owners Might Not


Everybody loves animals! It’s a known fact that at some point of our lives, we want to own a pet. Some people are born animal lovers, others grow into it. Every animal is unique and adorable in their own ways; but some can have quite unusual behavior too. As an inexperienced pet … Read more

10 Fascinating Facts About Iguanas

Facts About Iguanas

ExoticDirect pet insurance have collected ten of the most interesting, funny, and downright weird facts about iguanas for your pleasure. So put the kettle on and prepare to be amazed (or at least mildly interested) by these wonderful animals… 1. Iguanas can get rather big The longest iguana, the green iguana, can grow up to two metres long from … Read more

10 facts about chameleons

1. The biggest mistake people make about chameleons A lot of people think chameleons change their color based on their surroundings – sort of like camouflage. However, this isn’t true. Chameleons actually change their color due to a number of different factors, including their mood, changes in light or temperature, or the … Read more

Interesting Facts About Alaskan Sled Dogs

Dog sledding, or sometimes called “mushing”, is the act of dogs pulling a sled. It was the main mode of transportation by the people who lived in the Arctic region. Now, it has become primarily a recreational sport. In fact, mushers from different countries travel to Alaska every year to join the … Read more

Can Wild Animals Be Tamed?

Can Wild Animals Be Tamed?

Common animals such as dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and cows are kept as pets and are adaptive to humans because they are domesticated. But most of their relatives like foxes, tigers, and zebras remain stubbornly wild and dangerous to humans. Some exotic pet enthusiasts adopt wild animals and take care of them … Read more

Interesting Facts About Horses

Interesting Facts About Horses

Apart from dogs, horses also deserve to be called a man’s best friend. They have been used as draft animals. They have won and lost alongside man in many wars and battles, as well as sports competitions. And they have accompanied man in his many outdoor adventures. Here are some more interesting … Read more

Facts About Snakes

Facts About Snakes

Just thinking about a snake would make anyone shudder — even actual harmless, non-venomous snakes — and much less want to own them as pets. But we hope that this article will change your opinion about snakes and may inspire you to own one. Snakes might have possibly evolved from lizards, with … Read more

Interesting Facts About Dogs

Interesting Facts About Dogs

Dogs are your best companions — they’re with you almost all the time, indoors and outdoors. So what more could you possibly want to know about Buddy or Bella? A lot, lot more! These interesting and fascinating facts about dogs may leave you surprised and appreciate your pet more for certain. A … Read more

Interesting Facts About Cats

Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats are our little furry friends. Aside from giving us companionship, they are also excellent in hunting down vermin, such as rats, which are a nuisance to our homes. Over 88 million cats are owned by people in the United States; this is the reason why they top the list of “Most … Read more

Interesting Facts About Service Dogs

Interesting Facts About Service Dogs

Service dogs are the dogs that are trained to perform certain tasks other than police work. They are trained to assist and help people with disabilities, such as blind people, people with a mental health condition, invalids, or persons suffering trauma. They love, lead, balance, listen, and guide. Whether it is about … Read more