Interesting Facts About Potbellied Pigs

Are you a pig lover? Do you consider making them pets? Some would actually see them as exotic pets, but they are pretty common in some people in other countries, plus they are already domesticated.

Here, you can check a different breed from the regular pig you usually see. This is called the potbellied pigs, and there are exciting facts about them that you need to know. You might even get yourself one after learning these insights. So, if you think you are a potential pig parent, just continue reading below.

Can Become A Bully

Who knew that this adorable pig was a natural bully? Pigs, by nature, have a pushy attitude towards other animals and sometimes humans. They do this when they notice that their owners are not socially capable of handling them. If the owners do not interact well with their pig, the pet will think he is the alpha male and even treat humans as equals. 

Barks Like A Dog

Potbellied pigs have a diverse way of communicating with other pigs, animals, and even humans. They can produce different sounds if they are given a chance. In some cases, potbellied pigs can also bark like dogs when threats and dangers come into their space. When they see other animals or even humans that they do not like, they usually produce sounds similar to a dog’s barking sound.

Naturally Curious

Pigs are born with a natural adept in curiosity. And the primary driving force for this curiosity is, of course, food. Pigs love to eat food, and they will sniff your entire house for the smallest crumbs lying around the deepest corners. From a different perspective, pigs can also be trained because of their particular skill.

Fifth Most Intelligent Among All Animals

Pigs are way smarter than dogs and cats. If you ranked all the animals in the world, pigs actually ranked as fifth among all animals. Humans being the first on the list, followed by monkeys, then dolphins, next are whales, and finally the fifth in rank is pigs. Their intelligence comes from their instinct, intuition, and great memory. Although pigs do not have the moral sense to choose right and wrong, they are swift learners and do not forget what they learned.

In most cases, pet owners choose pigs as pets because of their high level of intelligence. People are amazed by the relationship they have with their pet pig because of their incredible interaction.

Four Times Lighter Than Regular Pigs

You should probably saw a regular pig, like the one being sold in marketplaces. Potbellied pigs’ big difference from the normal pigs is their weight. An adult potbellied pig can only weigh a maximum of one hundred seventy-five pounds, while the regular pig can weigh a maximum of one thousand pounds in its adult years. However, on average, potbellies would usually weigh from sixty to a hundred pounds only. This weight is easily handled during travel where you need to bring your pet with you.

Has Remarkable Sense of Smell and Hearing

Pigs excel in this category when they need to sniff or hear something out. They can even smell things, especially foods, twenty-five feet underground. This extraordinary ability of pigs to sniff things out can be trained to locate or track drugs if needed. Also, they have a keen sense of hearing that compensates for their lack of ability to see clearly.

Can Age Upto Thirty Years

Some would say that the average lifespan of a potbelly pis is around fifteen to eighteen years only. Comparing with other four-legged pets, potbellies’ life expectancy is already long. On the other hand, if a potbellied pig is properly trained and well-cared for throughout its early years up to its maturity, it can live for as long as thirty years. This can be achieved when potbellies are permitted to exercise every day, are not overfed, and have an annual visit to a veterinarian for physical examination and vaccine.

The longevity of pets is always directly affected by how owners handle and cared for them, whether they have a pig or any other kind of animal as a pet. Even though the genes play some role in the pet’s lifespan, keeping and caring for them is the priority.