Exotic Pets

Other Than Tarantulas, What Spiders Can You Keep as Pets?

Spiders are considered scary creatures. This might be due to the concepts shown in movies, especially Hollywood. But an interesting…

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Can You Tame a Lion and Keep it as a Pet?

Taming is simply a method of domesticating an animal. This domestication of animals is linked back to the early times…

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Having a Tamandua As a Pet

Tamanduas are lovely animals, and contrary to how they might look, you might be surprised to find out that they…

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Fennec Foxes: Do They Make Good Pets?

The fennec fox is a small but beautiful animal that belongs to the vulpine family. Although they are quite exotic,…

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The Most Exotic Pets Available in the US

As technology advances, most people nowadays are always thinking of bigger, newer, and futuristic things to make our life more…

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Exotic Pets that are Legal to Own

Cats and dogs are probably some of the most adorable pets that we can’t get enough of. Though they are…

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Robots as Pets

One trend that has been on the increase in recent years is the adoption of pets and the development of…

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“Metallic” Creatures

All that glitters is gold (or silver), but not all gold you’ll find are minerals. You will be surprised to…

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Exotic Pets Around the World

A lot of pet owners aren’t just satisfied with owning dogs, cats, birds, fish, and rodents. They would stretch things…

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Facts About Exotic Pets

Some people are a bit adventurous when it comes to owning pets. In addition to owning the usual dogs and…

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Do Monkeys Make Good Pets?

  Do you really want a monkey? Movies and television shows portray monkeys as a bit mischievous but otherwise living…

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