What is the Appeal of Exotic Pets?

boy and father holding a python

Owning a pet is a fulfilling experience that brings joy, companionship, and love to our lives. While the more traditional pets such as cats and dogs are popular choices for many, there is a growing trend towards owning exotic pets. These unique and rare creatures may not be the most conventional choice, … Read more

Other Than Tarantulas, What Spiders Can You Keep as Pets?

a person holding a pet spider

Spiders are considered scary creatures. This might be due to the concepts shown in movies, especially Hollywood. But an interesting fact about spiders is that some of them make excellent pets. They do not need to be looked after like larger pets and can be taken care of very easily. A very … Read more

Can You Tame a Lion and Keep it as a Pet?

a lion in safari, South Africa

Taming is simply a method of domesticating an animal. This domestication of animals is linked back to the early times when hunters and gatherers used to tame them for their safety. This process does not occur in a short time; rather, through years and years of selective breeding that allows humans to … Read more

Having a Tamandua As a Pet

Having a Tamandua As a Pet

Tamanduas are lovely animals, and contrary to how they might look, you might be surprised to find out that they can also be as expressive and loving as dogs. Once you keep Tamanduas as pets, they can be loyal to you, and they will respond when you call out their names. However, … Read more

Fennec Foxes: Do They Make Good Pets?


The fennec fox is a small but beautiful animal that belongs to the vulpine family. Although they are quite exotic, fennec foxes can be domesticated and kept as pets. They are similar to dogs. Still, they can take a while to be tamed; that’s why they require careful socialization at first. And … Read more

The Most Exotic Pets Available in the US

As technology advances, most people nowadays are always thinking of bigger, newer, and futuristic things to make our life more comfortable and fabulous. The same goes for picking our animal companion. Several people now want to take care of fluffy, cute, and radical pets to take care of. In fact, several exotic … Read more

Exotic Pets that are Legal to Own

Exotic Pets that are Legal to Own

Cats and dogs are probably some of the most adorable pets that we can’t get enough of. Though they are really good pets, sometimes, we also dream of owning some exotic pets as well. There are lots of exotic animals out there but not all of them are legally allowed to be … Read more

Robots as Pets

Robots as Pets

One trend that has been on the increase in recent years is the adoption of pets and the development of spaces such as parks and dog walks for their recreation and coexistence with us humans. And for many people, once adopted, these pets become a member of the family and even receive … Read more

“Metallic” Creatures

Metallic" Creatures

All that glitters is gold (or silver), but not all gold you’ll find are minerals. You will be surprised to spot the gilded shimmer on some animals, and it is that very physical attribute which makes them especially rare. But don’t be so easily drawn by their magnificently metallic allure! Some animals … Read more

Exotic Pets Around the World

Exotic Pets

A lot of pet owners aren’t just satisfied with owning dogs, cats, birds, fish, and rodents. They would stretch things by owning exotic pets! If you want to own these kinds of animals (and all of them are wild), make sure they are the animals that can be obtained legally, and you … Read more