Guide to Tarantula Anatomy and Identification

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Tarantulas are fascinating creatures that have captured the curiosity of spider enthusiasts and researchers alike. With their unique physical characteristics, intricate anatomy, and diverse range of species, tarantulas offer a wealth of knowledge to explore.  The Physical Characteristics of Tarantulas One of the first things that sets tarantulas apart from other spider … Read more

Discover These Popular Pet Spider Species


Spiders, although often feared and misunderstood, are becoming increasingly popular as pets. With over 45,000 known species, these arachnids are found all over the world and have captured the attention of many pet enthusiasts. While some may associate spiders with a creepy and dangerous reputation, there are actually many species that make … Read more

Is It Wise to Keep Small Spiders as Pets?

Spider Grammostola rosea walks along a wall. focus selective

Are you considering getting a spider as a pet? Well, before you make any decisions, you should read this blog post! In it, we will discuss the pros and cons of keeping small spiders as pets. We will also provide some tips on how to care for them. So, if you’re curious … Read more

Tips on Keeping Spiders as Pets

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Choosing a pet could sometimes depend on the type of owner since not all pets are easily handled. This is entirely true for spiders, where particular things need to be considered first before getting yourself one. Aside from the fact that spiders could bite, there is other interesting information that you need … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Keeping Spiders as Pets

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If you aren’t particularly fussy about owning a spider as a pet, you might enjoy keeping them. While spiders are certainly some of the most taboo animals out there, with humans both liking and disliking them, they’ve gone to be quite popular as pets within recent years. Not only are their hunting and … Read more

Will The Desert Blonde Tarantula Make A Great Spider Pet?

Desert Blonde Tarantula

The Desert Blonde Tarantula, also known as Western Desert Tarantula, Arizona Blond Tarantula, Mexican Blonde Tarantula, and Aphonopelma chalcodes is a tarantula species commonly found in the American desert. Its common name, “blond tarantula,” refers to the carapace, which is covered in white, pale hairs that contrasts with its dark legs and … Read more

Will The Pink Toe Tarantula Make A Great Pet For Beginners


The Pink Toe Tarantula, also known as Guyana pinktoe, Common Pink Toe, South American Pink Toe, and Avicularia avicularia, is a tarantula species endemic to Brazil, southern Carribean, and Costa Rica. This tree-dwelling tarantula loves climbing and has gorgeous pink-tipped legs, hence its name. If you want to know more about the … Read more

Will The Mexican Red Rump Tarantula Make A Great Spider Pet?

Will The Mexican Red Rump Tarantula Make A Great Spider Pet

The Mexican Red Rump Tarantula, also known as Tliltocatl vagans, is a tarantula species commonly found in Mexico and Central America. This species is a burrowing, land-dwelling tarantula highly distinctive for its red hairs on its abdomen. The Mexican Red Rump Tarantula is a famous spider in the pet trade due to … Read more

Will The Brazilian Black Tarantula Make A Great Pet For Beginners?

Brazilian Black Tarantula, tarantula, spider, spider pet

The Brazilian Black Tarantula, also known as Grammostola pulchra, is a tarantula species endemic to Brazil. It is widely known for its velvety black body and long legs, making it a sought-after spider pet in the pet trade. The Brazilian Black Tarantula possesses chemical sensors on their body, which help them detect … Read more

Will The Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula Make A Great Pet For Beginners?

Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula, tarantula, spider, spider pet

The Pink Zebra Beauty Tarantula, also referred to its scientific name, Eupalaestrus campestratus, is a terrestrial tarantula endemic to Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. It is deemed as one of the most sought-after tarantulas because of its distinctive look and docile temperament, making them perfect spider pets for novice hobbyists. They are non-arboreal … Read more