Best Pets for Cuddling

Having a pet could improve one’s life in so many ways. It has many benefits, especially to one’s mental health. Pets help relieve stress, and help ease anxiety, and they are really a big help when dealing with depression. Besides, they also benefit our physical health by lowering our blood pressure and reducing the risk of a heart attack.

According to studies, pets help release different pain relievers in the body like serotonin, prolactin, dopamine, and oxytocin. However, not every animal is meant to be a pet. Other animals are not just as soft and affectionate as other animals.

grayscale picture, woman kissing a cat, cat with blue eyes

Here is the list of pets best for cuddling.

1. Dogs

First on our list are dogs. They are called “Man’s best friend” for a reason. Aside from being loyal to their owners, they are also very affectionate. They want to bond with their owners and to feel that they are loved and accepted. One way of showing their affection to their owners is by licking them. One of the factors why dogs act this way is because of their upbringing. If their owners make them feel loved as they grow, they would also reciprocate the same feeling.

2. Cats

While other people describe them as cold and aloof, cats could be so affectionate in reality. Cats show so much affection and genuine loyalty to their owners. Cats are as affectionate as dogs, but they show their love in different ways than dogs. They like to point their tail upright and rub up against their owners to show their affection. Aside from that, they also want to snuggle, lick their owners, follow you around, and sit on their owner’s lap.

3. Rabbits

These fluffy, cute, and loving tiny creatures make very affectionate pets. Rabbits are entertaining, loyal, and very loving pets. It is crucial to know how to handle a rabbit properly so that you can establish a close bond between them. Rabbits respond well to only specific ways of handling them. Avoid picking them up. They might scratch and nip a person as an instinct. What they want is to be petted and cuddled while sitting on your lap or the ground. They show their affection through snuggling, squealing, hopping and bouncing around, and demanding head rubs. Rabbits have a wide range of personalities. They can be shy, quiet, outgoing, and playful. When owners treat them right, rabbits could be very affectionate pets.

4. Pot-bellied Pigs

These animals are very affectionate pets. They are bright, clean, and friendly animals. Pot-bellied pigs like to be accompanied by people, and they love it when they are touched or rubbed. They love playing, which is why owners should give them access to big spaces where they could run around and play. Pigs lack sweat glands, so you must provide them with a shelter that has a lot of shade so that they could cool down. When you provide pot-bellied pigs with a good home and love and attention, they can be one of the most affectionate pets you’ll ever have.

5. Guinea Pigs

These animals are very affectionate to their owners. They are social creatures, so they would not be happy if they do not get cuddling from their owners or other guinea pigs. Guinea pigs have gentle dispositions, which makes them great first pets for your children. These animals like snuggling, sitting on your lap, and they also make a cute whistling sound when they are happy that could melt everybody’s heart.

6. Cockatoos

These birds want to have contact and to receive love and affection from their owners. Cockatoos are playful, affectionate, and cuddly birds which makes them great pets. They crave so much love and attention that they start to develop behavioral issues when not shown affection regularly. Cockatoos are ideal to pet at a young age, so they could immediately form bonds and closeness with their owners. They show their love through snuggling, kissing, following their owner’s movements, and demanding attention.

7. Syrian Hamster

Syrian hamster is a very child-friendly pet. Pets like them are very gentle and not hard to handle. They would be happy when their owners stroke them. They will most likely greet you in the friendliest manner, especially when they see you come with some treats.

8. Ferrets

Ferrets may not be the first to come to your mind when you think of cuddly animals, but these adorable creatures are very affectionate. When ferrets get tired after playing, they come to your lap and cuddle until they fall asleep on you. Ferrets get very attached and form loving bonds with their owners, especially when they are treated nicely.