The Best Dog Breeds for Homebodies

Are you that kind of person who enjoys chilling at home instead of going out to meet with friends in a restaurant or a bar? Most people would probably tell you that you are an introvert, while some will say that you are a homebody. For you, there are so many fun things to do at home, such as watching movies or TV shows on Netflix, playing video games, or participate in Intertops Poker Bonus casino games. However, even if you are the only human inside your home, that doesn’t mean that you can enjoy socializing, and one of the people, or in this case, animal, that you can socialize with is a pet dog.

It is important for someone to know the different types of dog breeds that you can choose from, as some would be more hyperactive and are suitable for outgoing individuals, and a few would be perfect for introverts like you. To make choosing a dog breed easier, here is a list of the best dog breeds for homebodies.


Maltese puppy

The first breed on the list is the Maltese, a long-haired dog that can be playful at times, but as it grows older, its energy level usually goes down, which makes the breed a suitable lap dog. Maltese dogs tend to love their owners so much that he or she would want to be close to them all the time. Because of their love for humans, they can often suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone in the house. But if you are 100% homebody, your pet Maltese will never be lonely. An interesting aspect of the Maltese is that it has hair instead of fur, so this breed is a great one for those who are allergic to fur.


beagle face

The beagle is a dog breed mainly known for its gentle and timid nature, but they can sometimes be playful if you want them to be. Due to their gentleness, most parents would gift a beagle to their sons or daughter since this breed is great with children. The one downside to beagles is that they are prone to becoming overweight, so owners would have to take them for a walk every once in a while so that they can be exercised. If you have a pet cat inside your home, beagles are typically friendly to them, so you don’t have to worry about them quarreling.


gray pug

The pug is considered by many dog enthusiasts as one of the cutest dog breeds in the world, and its renown is justified by its petite stature and its adorable wrinkly face. This breed is more playful than the first two breeds mentioned above, but their playfulness is just enough that you won’t get hurt by their gentle clawing or biting. Like beagles, pugs would also need exercise as they can get overweight, but you can probably take them for a walk at least three or four times a week.

English Bulldog

Like their wrinkly-face cousins, English Bulldogs are also perfect homebody companions because of their general gentleness and timidity while inside the house. An English bulldog’s body can overheat pretty easily, which is why they tend to spend almost the entire day sleeping or just taking a nap at the couch. Because of their sleepiness, they are great couch buddies who won’t need your attention whenever you are watching a TV show or a film. English bulldogs are not really built for exercise or walking, so it is required for you to keep a closer eye on their diet to ensure that they won’t get overweight.

Great Dane

Great Dane taking a nap

Often called the “gentle giant,” the Great Dane is a large dog breed that may seem intimidating to look at, but once you get closer to it, you will see that they are typically the gentlest giant dog breed out of all. Similar to the English bulldog, the Great Dane is a couch potato, which means that it favors lounging around at home than being playful with its owners. Large dog breeds are normally hyperactive, but the Great Dane is an exception, so if you are dreaming of owning a big dog even if you are a homebody, then this dog is the perfect companion for you.


black Dachshund

Dachshund is often seen in memes and joke posts as the “sausage dog,” but behind their funny-looking body is a gentle breed that wants to be around its owners constantly. Despite their small size, dachshund can be too active for some people, but they are excellent dogs for those who enjoy playing with pets. Once they run out of energy, they would regularly take a nap near their owners. Dachshunds will surely brighten your day whenever you feel sad or gloomy.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier in the outdoors

The Yorkshire terrier is the smallest dog breed, but don’t let its small stature fool you, as it can sometimes be feisty and arrogant in nature. Because of their personality, Yorkshire terriers are considered to be that cats of the dog world since they can often show that they are independent, and they don’t necessarily need human assistance. But, once they grow older, they often get too attached to their owners if raised well that they would need to get near humans almost all the time. Because it would take a long time for them to get close to their owners, Yorkshire terriers are not suitable for children who would touch pets even if it is the first time that they see them. As such, this breed is better suited for older people who are experienced in training dogs.


Bullmastiff on the grass

The bullmastiff is generally a well-behaved dog that won’t cause trouble inside your home. This breed is very trainable, which makes it an excellent companion for veteran dog owners. However, it is also a great dog for beginners since they are not really active and don’t need constant attention. However, they can get aggressive towards strangers, and this is a good thing if you don’t want anyone to enter your home, or this could be a bad thing if you always have visitors. But you can train the dog to be friendlier towards strangers, so make sure that your pet will know the appearance and the smell of your friends whenever they visit you.

Those are eight of the best dog breeds for introverts like you, but if you don’t like any of these breeds, you can get any breed that you like, just make sure that you train them well so that they won’t get hyperactive to the point that they would always want to be outside. Any dog breed can be the perfect companion as long as you train them well.