Bernedoodle 101- Fun Facts Pet Owners Didn’t Know About Wagging Tails

Have you ever fallen in love with a seriously loving and high-spirited Bernese mountain dog? If yes, then Bernedoodle might be on your list already.

Yes, you’ll be reading about a “doodle dog” that resembles a giant teddy bear. Popular under the name Bernese mountain breed, this breed doesn’t gain recognition by the AKC. Still, it gets profound love from dog lovers from across the world, California, in specific.

Whether you’re already in love with a Bernedoodle or your children are emphasizing having this adorable pet as a family member, here are few things that help validate your decision. Let’s get started with discovering what these are:

They’re a mix of Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog

This fact means that there’s a 50/50 split between Bernese mountain dog and poodle. However, you may also come across Bernedoodle dogs that have a Bernedoodle parent plus a poodle parent. Or, maybe there may be a Bernedoodle parent and a Bernese mountain parent, or perhaps both Bernedoodle parents.

It is vital to know about your pet’s heritage. Consider gaining information from a Bernedoodle Breeder in California about its traits, possible health conditions, and how much they shed. This minute research can help you go a long way in the future.

Bernedoodle Sizes

Consider talking to your family about the dog size. It’ll come as a surprise to know that Bernese mountain dogs aren’t smaller than 70 lbs. However, that’s not the case with Bernedoodle. Yes, poodle breeds have varying statues.

And that’s the reason Bernedoodles are as small as 10 lbs and go all the way up to 90 lbs. Thus, this sweet little creature can be a combination of a lovely lap dog or can have a full-sized adventure body.

Bernedoodle Fluffiness

Are you in love with a dog but dread the shed?

Well, thanks to the poodle-influenced coat, Bernedoodle strikes the advantages of both worlds. You may love a poofy pet, but shedding is something that you cannot stand at all. Thus, this breed is a good-in-between.

Also, this fur coat helps in acting as a hypoallergenic umbrella. Thereby, take time to research well ahead of time and make trusted decisions.

Bernedoodles are Relaxed Dogs

Although poodles are energetic- all thanks to the Bernese mountain dog’s traits. Also, these dogs are popular as easy going, which you’ll see chilling in your Californian home. Also, while all dogs need exercise to some level or the other, the good news is that you won’t have to run ragged to satisfy the furry friend’s energy appetite.

Also, these dogs are highly fond of hiking. They’ll pose well for those gazillion photos, which you’ll love to post on your Instagram feed.

Bernedoodle Dogs can be a Little Stubborn

Meeting this hybrid species for the first time won’t make you believe that Bernedoodle petra can be a little stubborn sometimes. This fact holds good only while training.

However, if you as a pet owner are dedicated, these naturally smarty pants are highly trainable. All you’ve to look for are some great dog training tips, and you’ll go a long way towards getting the information you’re eyeing at.

Bernedoodle Dogs are Loyal

Are you looking forward to finding a forever friend? If yes, then you’re sure to get one in a Bernedoodle dog.

However, the sad news is that their Bernese mountain dog background traits make them prone to separation anxiety. So, be sure that you’re either close to them or give them crate training for helping them feel safe and secure while you’re at work.

You may also look for a trusted pet sitter if you’ve to get away from them for days at a stretch.

The Mixed Breed Dog has a Fewer Health Problems

Purebred dogs usually suffer from health problems, which their owners must prepare themselves for.

For instance, the poodle breed tends to suffer from epilepsy and blindness. The Bernese mountain dog, on the other hand, is known to suffer from mast cell tumours.

Bernedoodles may have elbow and hip dysplasia but may still benefit from genetic makeup and suffer from less serious health issues.

You’ll Fall in Love with the Pup’s Eyes

Who can resist this little pup? Nobody, after all. And, even if you wish to, the innocence in their eyes won’t let you.

You may come across brindle merle combinations, which in fact, are rare. In addition to altering base colour, you’ll see that this breed modifies the eye colour and a tremendous change of nose and paw pads. The merle gene also modified the dark eye pigments, which occasionally change eyes from dark to blue or a part of the eye to blue.

The Bottom Line

Bernedoodles have a coat of many colours; they love rain and shine, and love to be outside, and are happy to blend in your multi-dog family-whether they’re small or large.

Now that you’re purchasing a mixed breed like Bernedoodle or a purebred dog, make sure it is healthy. Also, research well to keep it that away considering a closer look at its diet and mental and physical stimulation.

However, if you’ve already got a Bernedoodle to your California home, make sure to leave your experiences in the comments section.