When Should You Take Your Pet to a Veterinarian

Having a pet around the house imposes greater responsibility. This added obligation in pets includes bringing them to a vet when needed. However, not every bump and scratch should be taken to a veterinarian, and there are only particular things you need to remember when you need to bring them.

Just to give you some insights, here are some facts about veterinarians and helpful tips you’ll probably need to take note of. So grab your handy notes and read on.

Difficulty in Breathing

Breathing difficulties also include puffing lips, making weird noises, and excessive panting when breathing. If any of these are experienced by your pet, visit a vet soon to check them up.

Sudden Weight Loss

Pet dogs or cats have different sizes and weights. Meaning a pound lost from a Chihuahua is different when it is lost from a Great Dane. So it is better to have a standard margin of weight loss for all breed types that differs in weights and size. To do this, you can check for a minimum of ten percent of their body weight. Equal or more than this percentage of weight loss without any external intervention means a quick trip to the vet.

Not Eating or Eating More

Eating disorders could be mean differently depending on the situation. However, if this continues for a day, it means digestive issues are present in your pet that need to be addressed by a professional.

Drinking More Water

Although this may look normal in some conditions, like in hot summertime, this can be alarming when your pet continues to drink excessive water for a couple of days now. This could mean that they have kidney issues or diabetes. To be sure, a trip to the vet is necessary.

Vomiting or Diarrhea

A pet may vomit on some occasions, but it is normal, especially for dogs. However, if they vomit twice or three times within eight hours, you should immediately take them to a vet. This could mean that your pet is dehydrated. Also, if the vomit or diarrhea has blood on it, you should bring them fast to a vet.

Unusual Inactivity

Pets may feel tired at times and rest for a while. But, if you notice that they are not doing any physical activity and suddenly have been inactive for at least two days, they need to be taken to a vet for some checkups.

Eye Issues

This can come in various forms and can progress fast. One form is when an unusual discharge comes out from the eye, it could mean an injury or infection. But if both eyes are infected, it could mean an allergy or other health issues.

Change in Coat or Skin

Any change from your pet’s coat could mean allergies, and they need to be taken to a vet for a checkup. Aside from coat change, allergies, when severe, can cause unusual discomfort and difficulty in your pet’s breathing. So you need to be watchful for these symptoms since this can be irritating to most pets.

Behavior Became Aggressive

When your pet suddenly barks, growls, or any form of aggression without any known external issues, this could mean they are in pain for something. This could not be easily located or identified when the pain they are experiencing is mild. However, when the pain is already severe, the aggression of pets can be evident.

Emergency Visits

There are other cases of typical emergencies that you need to take your pet to a vet. If any of these are experienced by your pet, you should visit your vet as soon as possible.

  • Hard or swollen abdomen
  • Open wounds
  • Physical injuries
  • Unconsciousness or sudden collapse
  • Seizure
  • Unusual shaking
  • Disoriented
  • Unable to deliver puppies
  • Inability to pee or eliminate waste
  • Ingesting poison

Regular Visits

Aside from the emergency visits to a vet, your pet needs annual or regular visits too. This includes checkups at birth, early ages, adult years, and senior years. A regular visit to a vet means they do not need to have an emergency situation or a symptom showing up to have a trip to a vet. It means they need to go for a regular physical examination to maintain or improve their health.