Tips for bathing a fussy pet

Bath time at home can be a pleasant bonding activity for you and your pet. However, it can instantly turn messy if your pet is fussy and constantly trying to get away from the wash area. If you’re hoping to avoid chasing after your soaking wet pet the next time you wash them, then these tips are for you.

bathroom sink, cat on sink

Tip #1: Lay Everything Within Easy Reach

Walking away from the wash area allows your pet to escape. Don’t let them get the chance to make a run for it by placing all the bathing items nearby and easy to reach. With this, you’ll be able to keep your pet in place.

Make sure to prepare the following:

  • Pet-friendly Shampoo
  • Comb
  • Grooming brush (for long-haired pets)
  • Cup or other containers for rinsing
  • Washcloth
  • Towels to dry your pet
  • Towels for soaking up water that splashes out
  • Treats
  • Bribes for Baths
  • Rubber mat to place in sink or tub so your pet won’t slip and fall
  • An extra pair of hands

If possible, you shouldn’t just have the items listed above but also have another set of hands available to help you with the washing. When it comes to bathing a fussy pet, the more help there is, the better. Also, remember to choose a pet-friendly shampoo that is natural, tearless, hypoallergenic, and paraben-free. If your veterinarian prescribed a medicated shampoo, make sure to read the instructions and accurately follow them.

Also, bribing your pets is quite acceptable and encouraged. Keep your pet’s favorite treats nearby as a reward for their good behavior. By doing so, you can ensure that they stay long enough for you to finish bathing them. Give them treats for obeying, or you can get creative with your bribes.

Tip #2: Keep Your Pets Comfortable

Your pet might be fussy and try to escape bath time for various reasons, such as the water temperature being too cold or too hot or slipping on the wash area. Keep your fussy pets comfortable by doing the following:

Set the water to the perfect temperature.

Humans may enjoy hot, steamy showers, but pets surely don’t, as their skins are more sensitive. Check your pet’s reaction when setting the water temperature. When the water is too hot, they would be panting, and if it’s too cold, they would be shivering. The perfect temperature would be lukewarm, but some pets might have different preferences.

Place a non-slip bath mat to prevent your pet from slipping.

Your pet’s paws are not great for gripping slippery surfaces, especially when wet. A great solution is to put a non-slip bath mat to make your pet more comfortable during bath time and give them better footing.

Tip #3: Soothe Your Pet’s Fears

If your pet had a bad experience with a bath or is just taking it for the first time, then keeping them from running away can be difficult. If your fussy pet resists and is even more determined to escape, try to soothe its fears by doing the following:

  1. Remaining calm and loving
  2. Taking small steps towards the wash area
  3. Slowly getting them used to water
  4. Use a pet-friendly shampoo
  5. Avoid stinging their eyes

Once you’re done bathing your pet, it’s time to take it out of the wash area. Wrap your pet in a warm, clean towel and place them in a draft=free room to safely dry off. You may use a blow dryer, but you should note that some pets could be afraid of the sound they make.

If your pet is still in a fussy, stressed-out state, it’s better to skip the blow-drying. But if your pet doesn’t mind, make sure to test the temperature first as it may result in thermal burns if they come too close to your pet. Once they’re completely dry, you can comb or brush their fur.

Bathing your fussy pet needs a great amount of patience. The more soothing you are, the calmer your pet will be. It’s essential to talk to your pets during the entire bathing process. Use your calm, soothing voice, and remember not to lose your temper or yell at them. It’s also important that you must not hurry the bathing process, meaning you should only do it when you have a lot of time on your hands.

Many pet owners get nervous every time they think about grooming their pets at home, especially fussy ones. However, it can be easy as long as you don’t let them run away from their bath time. To summarize, here are the three tips for a successful bath time with your fussy pet:

  • Lay Everything Within Easy Reach
  • Keep Your Pets Comfortable
  • Soothe Your Pet’s Fears

Just follow these three helpful tips, and you’ll soon become an expert in washing your fussy pet.