Learn What Foods to Avoid Giving to Birds

Having birds as pets is entirely different from having cats or dogs. One vital difference between them is their diet, which could become critical if you give your birds the wrong type of food. And these foods might seem simple and healthy for humans but can actually make your pet birds sick.

Birds’ digestive tracks are delicate and can only process particular foods within their system. Like other pets, such as dogs that could sometimes eat solid objects and still survive, pet birds can be severely harmed or even killed when given the wrong type of food. Pet owners need to be careful from providing these types of foods to keep a healthy bird and improve their lifespan.

Seeds of the Rose Family

Fruit members of the rose family, such as apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, and apricots, have particular toxins that are poisonous to birds. It contains trace amounts of cardio-toxic cyanide compounds that can damage their digestive system. Although the fruit itself can be healthy for the birds, the seeds are poisonous to them. So, make sure to give them a clean slice without any grains, and everything will be A-okay.


All foods and beverages that contain caffeine are hazardous for your pet bird. Caffeine causes an increased heartbeat in birds that eventually leads to hyperactivity, cardiac malfunctions, or even cardiac arrest. So, instead of giving them caffeinated drinks, simply provide them a healthy juice to fill their daily nutritional needs.


Even with humans, alcohol can be intoxicating when taken in large amounts. This is dangerously true for birds, even they only drink a few drops of alcohol.

It is rare for owners to intentionally give alcohol to their pet birds. There are some occasions that free-roaming birds would accidentally drink alcohol from wine glasses or cocktails. This incident will cause depression in birds that will lead to their death.


All chocolates contain an ingredient called theobromine, which is categorized as methylxanthine. It can affect birds’ digestive tracts causing them to vomit and have diarrhea. When taken consistently or in large amounts, this will increase their heart rate that will cause cardiac health problems and even death.

As a rule of thumb for owners, chocolates are more hazardous to birds the darker they get since the level of theobromine increases too. So it means that dark chocolates are actually lethal to them, although it is healthy for humans.


Sodium or salt can dehydrate your pet birds. And this dehydration can lead to liver or kidney malfunctions and eventually to their death. So make sure to check for salt traces in certain foods you give to your birds since this harmful ingredient is pretty common in grains and nuts. This also includes junk foods such as potato chips and other salty snacks that you usually eat.


Avocados are indeed healthy for humans. They have actual amounts of fiber to help digestion for both men and women. However, this fruit also contains fungicidal toxins that can cause cardiac distress, respiratory problems, and heart failures in birds.

So whether the avocado’s skin or plum, it is dangerous for birds to eat this fruit. This is also true for foods or cuisines that contain avocado as an ingredient. Slight traces of this food to your bird can harm them severely.

Tomato Leaves

The leaves of tomatoes have high acid toxins that will damage the organs of your pet bird. Although tomatoes are healthy for human beings, it will be dangerous for birds to eat their leaves. So if you want to give a slice of tomato, you need to be careful not to include any leaves on it to keep your birds healthy.


Either cooked or raw, mushrooms are harmful to birds. The mushroom itself can cause digestive problems, including liver failures in birds. So, when you have ample quantities of mushrooms at your house, never think of giving any of it to them.

Onions and Garlic

Despite the health benefits of onions and garlic to humans, they pose a real threat to the digestive tract and organs of a bird. In small quantities, they can cause diarrhea and vomiting in birds. While in large amounts of intake will lead to the rupture of their red blood cells, respiratory diseases, and death

Raw Dry Beans

Contrary to others’ beliefs, uncooked dry beans are actually harmful to birds. It contains hemagglutinin toxin that is poisonous for birds, aside from the fact that uncooked beans can also be a choking hazard. So, instead of giving them raw, cook them first before providing any grains of beans to your birds.