Things you can explore when in Self-Quarantine

When in self-quarantine at home, it is easy to get bored. Boredom brings about dark thoughts that can derail you. You have to keep yourself busy to maintain sanity. There are many activities that you can engage in. You can find more articles on

Here is a list of ideas to keep you going:

Listening to Podcasts

These are audio programs made available to your mobile phones. They cover various fields such as music, comedy, politics, science, news, and many more. With a lot of time to spare, you can find yourself what suits you best. Through listening to podcasts, you enhance your smartness levels. Time flies when you keep yourself busy in listening to the podcasts. Podcasts have everything for everyone, from children, teenagers to adults. It is up to you to pick your poison.


In cases where you can go outside, you can try exercising. You can go for jogging or leisure walks. When doing so, you should avoid going into crowds or many people. Maintain social distancing. Exercise is good for your health. When you make it a regular activity, you will realize you benefit a lot. You are bound to be fit by the end of the quarantine period.


During this free time, you can explore yoga. It is relieving to connect with your soul spiritually. Watch more videos on yoga. Yoga relieves stress while at home. It is good to practice controlling your breath. You won’t need to be an expert to perform yoga. But be ready to start as a beginner.


Many people often have anxiety attacks during self-quarantine. Stress creeps in at these times. You can engage your therapist through online platforms or phone calls. Share with the professionals your worries. They will give you advice on steps to approach to reduce anxiety and stress.

Spice up your ‘Bedroom’

Sex is, at times, stress-relieving. Now that there is adequate time, you can try new things to spice it up. It is also a type of exercise, both physical and mental. Parents will often face difficulties when the children are around. In the long run, sex will increase the bond between you and your spouse.


You can sit in a comfortable spot and think about anything. You can think of your life, where you see yourself in the coming years, and many more things. You will realize that with time, you get used to it. Meditation will bring peace and relieve both anxiety and stress.

Watch Movies

Most cinemas across many countries are not operational. It does not mean that you have limited options. You can budget on creating a simple home cinema and acquire projectors that have become relatively cheap with time. After setting up the cinema, you can enjoy movies with the family while enjoying popcorns.

Learning Foreign Language

With much time at our disposal, we can use it to learn foreign languages. You can try Spanish, French, or even Chinese. You can research on applications or sites that can offer language education. Enriching your brain with different languages is an excellent initiative. You broaden your knowledge.


One can use their time to practice gardening skills. Try planting flowers and changing the face of your garden to be better. You can buy seeds of various flowers, crops, or fruits. After planting, you need to take care of it regularly. You will enjoy seeing the work of your hands bear fruits. For flowers, you can place them in vessels. You can then place it strategically in the house to increase the aesthetics of the house. 

Do not sit idly back at home. Step up! Try various activities. Appreciate yourself and the environment you are in.