Top 7 dog breeds that live the longest

The average lifespan of a dog is around 10-13 years which means when the time comes you have to say goodbye to your best friend. With daily exercise and an active lifestyle, good diet, and good health care, life expectancy can be increased but let’s not have unrealistic expectations. 

All that being said not all dogs live up to the same age, some live comparatively longer. Here’ a list of 7 of the longest living dog breeds.


They are one of the longest living breeds of dogs on the list. They live up to 20years and most will live at least 15 years. They have a tiny body frame and it probably helps with the survival timeframe that they have. The small body still requires a healthy amount of activity and exercise. Training a dog from time to time and playing throw with it and taking it for morning works is important. It’s also good for you because it keeps you active too. 


A lot of the Dachshund live for more than 15 years. It’s actually pretty common to see dogs of this breed at their 17. The world record was set by a Dachshund dog for living up to 21 years old. It’s in the Guinness World Record. They tend to show age-related health problems however and seem to be prone to backbone issues especially if they become overweight. 

Toy Poodle

oy poodles are often seen living up to 18 years old. They are very intelligent and require extra stimulation. They are great as a family pet and own very busy minds. Just like the other dogs having an active lifestyle is very necessary along with proper care and nutrition. This breed is prone to eye disorders ad see to acquire orthopedic health disorders with age. 

Jack Russell Terrier

Back in 2014, it was this breed that held the world record for the longest living dog. It lived for 20 years before eventually reaching the end. It’s another breed that has a small body frame but they are super active and hard working. This breed was bred for working and they have great retention of energy and drive as a result.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu commonly will live up to around 15 years of age. They are one of the friendlier breeds out there and they adapt very swiftly. They are great companions as they were bred to be requiring short daily walks along with comparatively shorter playtime. Also, one of the smaller sized dogs with a tiny body frame. They require frequent trimming and clipping and if you want to skip that, you will have to do daily brushing.


They live up to 15years or more, have a small body, and love affection. They require more company than other dogs and can get anxious if left alone for a bit too long. Although, training can help fix that if that stands as a problem for you. 

Shiba Inu

A medium-sized dog with a longer life span is Shiba Inu that lives up to 16years of age or older. They are very rigid and strong. A loyal breed, clean and quiet. They have good health but. some might be allergic