How to Take Great Pet Photos (And Turn Them Into a Pet Calendar)

Learn how to take really great pet photos of your furballs and then transform those amazing pics into a fun pet calendar to hang on your wall!

Around 67% of U. S. households have at least one pet. Learning how to take great pet photos will help you create the best calendar ever!

Out of all pet owners, 63.4 million of them have a dog. No matter what kind of animal friend you have, everyone agrees that cute pet pictures are the best.

You’re not the only person who will appreciate your pet’s cuteness. Share the love and make your pet’s charm last for an entire calendar year.

Here are some pet photography tips that’ll improve your shots in a flash:

Create a List of Concepts

Make a list of pet photography ideas and concepts for your calendar. You could have a consistent theme or change it up every month. 

For example, taking a picture of your kitten inside of a little cauldron is a cute Halloween photo. Snap a picture of your pup amongst rainbows for Pride Month. It’s all up to your creativity.

Take note of holidays and other important dates during each month. It’ll make the pictures more relevant to the calendar.

If you use costumes, make sure they’re comfortable for your dog’s breed and body type. You’ll find the most comfortable clothes for French Bulldogs at

Research Calendar Makers Ahead of Time

It’s easier to make a pet calendar than you think. After you take photos, it’s calendar-making time.

The most beginner-friendly option is the Adobe Spark calendar maker. After you sign in and confirm your birthdate, the website walks you through the whole process. Its premade templates and royalty-free images make it super helpful.

Use Treats, Toys, and Affection

To get good shots, you must “pay” your model. Pets usually prefer treats, toys, affection, or some combination of those 3 things.

Struggling with animal portrait photography? Play with your pet a lot before the shoot. Then they’ll be more tired and likely to stay in one spot.

Fast Shutters and Burst

Pets move quickly and without consideration for how they look on camera. That’s why you need a digital camera with fast shutter speed and a burst photo option.

If possible, use a shutter speed of 1/250, especially for action shots. This includes games of fetch and laser pointer chases.

Burst allows you to take a lot of photos at once. This helps you capture more movement and dimensions within a moment without missing anything

Experiment with Perspectives and Light

Taking pictures at eye level is fine, but don’t overdo it. Play with different perspectives instead For example, try taking pictures from your pet’s eye level to make your shots feel more personal.

Snap photos in well-lit rooms or places with natural light. Avoid shooting in dark rooms on overcast days—opt for a location with a natural light source instead.

Take the Pet Photos You Dream About

About 44% of pet owners would rather cuddle their pets than their life partners. Looking at adorable pet photos is the next best thing to getting cuddles and kisses from your furry family member.  You can also create a personalized gift for dog lover friend as well.

It’s okay if you don’t take perfect pet pictures right away. Taking the time to practice and develop your skills will improve your pet photography.

Get inspired—check out our pop culture pets. It’ll get those creative juices flowing through your brain more than you realize.