Everything you need to know about aquariums

Fishkeeping can be a fun and rewarding hobby, but if you want your aquarium to look beautiful and the fish to stay healthy, you need to be ready to spend some time on regular maintenance. If you’re considering setting up your very first aquarium, there are many things you should know about before you’ll be able to enjoy watching your fish swim calmly through the water. Here’s the list of the most important things to get you started.

You need more than just a fish tank

Many people who aren’t familiar with the subject think that all you need is an aquarium, some water, and a few fish. But that’s not really the case. Each fish needs a very specific environment to survive, and a fish tank full of stagnant water doesn’t really meet such requirements. That’s why you should also invest in at least a few basic products to help you out. Among the necessary things, you’ll find a filter that will help you get rid of the toxins accumulated in the water, a heater to keep the water in the right temperature, and an air pump to make sure that the oxygen level is high enough. To get the best results, choose a reliable brand like Aquael UK, instead of looking for the cheapest options on the market.

Choose the right aquarium size

Contrary to what many people believe – the smaller the aquarium, the more complicated keeping it in good condition is. The reason for this is the build-up of toxins that happens much faster in smaller aquariums because there’s not enough water to dilute such waste over time – this means that with a small fish tank, you need to perform maintenance tasks much more often. That’s why first-time owners are generally discouraged from choosing tanks smaller than 10 gallons.

Don’t pick fish species at random

Each species of fish has its own unique characteristics – including not only visual differences but also environmental and dietary requirements. Then there’s also the fact that not all species get along. Choosing them at random based on their look or price is, therefore, not the best idea – try learning more about each option before you make your choice. Fish are living creatures, and you’re responsible for their well-being as an owner, so make sure to only bring species into your aquarium that you can care for.

Your aquarium can’t survive without regular maintenance

Even with the most efficient equipment, there are still a few tasks that you’ll have to take care of yourself. You’ll need to clean the filter regularly to make sure it’s working properly. It’s also necessary to replace at least 25% of water every few weeks. It may also be a good idea to monitor its condition regularly – check the temperature and look out for signs of algae buildup. Noticing such issues early on can help you solve them before any harm comes to your fish.

Don’t fill the whole tank at once

When you’re ready to set up your aquarium, remember that you shouldn’t just pour all the water directly into it. At first, you should place a layer of gravel at the bottom of the tank. Then you can start adding water, but make sure not to pour it in a strong stream. You may also want to consider placing a flat item, e.g., a plate, inside and pour water over it – this way, you’ll disturb the gravel. And remember that you can’t use tap water – it’s dangerous for the fish – so make sure to use dechlorinator first.

Now that you know how to get started and why regular maintenance is so important, you’re ready to start your fishkeeping journey. Start setting up your own aquarium and enjoy the benefits it offers. And remember that there are many people who are passionate about this subject, so you can look for forums and groups to share your hobby and ask questions you may still have.