5 Tips to Saving Money on Aquariums for Fish Owners

Aquariums can be a beautiful addition to any home. Between buying the fish, purchasing the tank, and getting all the accessories, it can be an expensive addition to your home as well.

The good news is that there are ways for you to save money and still have a gorgeous aquarium set up! For example, you can make your own aquarium decor and buying things in bulk is a good way to save money on anything.

Check out this guide to learn more about saving money on aquariums so you can have an impressive set up at a fraction of the cost.

1. Filters 

Besides the tank, your filter is going to be the costliest part of your entire set up. You can get a sponge filter for a reasonable amount of money and it will serve your purposes.

Pick up a sponge filter from any aquatic supply store. If you have a PVC pipe, ceramic tile, and a sponge on hand, you can even make your own.

It’s important to note that all sponge filters use air to run. Buying several air pumps can be expensive.

That’s why you should go ahead and spring for an industrial one. They have hoses that all allow them to hook up to a bunch of sponge filters at once.

2. Lighting 

Lighting can also be an expensive venture. You can easily spend a hundred dollars on color changing lights with all the trimmings.

You can save money by grabbing a regular old light fixture. LED floodlights are another inexpensive option. They are cheap and they use up less power than other lighting methods.

3. Create Your Own Aquarium Decor

Buying aquarium decor from the store can be expensive. You can save by creating your own decor out of things lying around your house.

Ceramic pots, coffee mugs, and plastic toys all make surprisingly good aquarium decorations.

4. Invest in a Good Tank

Investing in a good tank can be expensive. If you buy a flimsy tank though, you’ll only end up replacing it a few months down the line.

An acrylic fish tank is going to be more durable than regular tanks. Go ahead and spring for one if you can.

5. Buy Things in Bulk 

The last bit of advice we have for you is to buy all your supplies in bulk. The upfront cost will be more expensive this way but you won’t have to spend any more money for a while.

Buying in bulk is pretty much the best way to save on anything. Not only aquariums.

Tips for Saving Money on Aquariums 

Aquariums can act as a beautiful focal piece for your home. The only problem is investing in a setup. If you use these tips for saving money on aquariums though, the hit to your wallet won’t be too awful.

Now that you have your fish in their new, happy home, you’ve got to keep them healthy! Check out our blog daily for the latest advice on fish care.