Why would a greyhound make your best companion?

We all crave for a quality company that can keep us emotionally hydrated and sometimes pets prove out to be better than human beings in this particular case scenario. Since it’s also Greyhounds pet adoption day today, we thought to share with you a secret to make the rollercoaster of life easier. You guessed it right, we are talking about keeping greyhounds as pets.

While a lot of us already know how great of a soldier greyhounds make but little do people know their qualities for a great companionship. Let’s start unpacking the bundle of characteristics this breed has.

Their welcoming personality

So just like people have different personalities, dogs are known for their unique and diverse set of personal traits as well. Though everyone has their preferences but generally, we tend to love people with welcoming personalities and avoid those who are a little reserve or not so open because we socialise to pour our hearts out or have fun.

Greyhounds are the best breed having a joyful and non-aggressive personality. They are charming, active, known for being playful. However, these dogs have a bit of their own judgement towards strangers.

An amazing partner for sporty people

While there are a variety of pets available for laid-back people who look for calm partners with low energies, those of us who want a pet compatible with their sports enthusiast have to search a lot.

A Greyhound dog can be the best match for your outdoor interests as they are great athletes. However, as a greyhound owner, you have to be extra cautious and keep them leashed for they can get out of control in moments.

Are stereotypes about greyhounds’ over the top hyper nature true?

Unlike the popular belief about Greyhounds needing a lot of daily exertion or staying hyper all the time making it an outdoor pet only, the breed is easily manageable.

You don’t need to go an extra mile to keep them happy or take them outside for hours. A smooth morning walk in a park will do just fine to keep it going. Moreover, greyhound puppies are low energy dogs when it comes to staying indoors.

All you have to make sure is, you unleash them only in an area with a fence of 6ft because they are a great jumper.

Adopting a Greyhound while you have kids

So there are many theories on if you should adopt a greyhound while you have little kids. Though greyhound pups are not highly energetic dogs and having them around your babies won’t hurt you but it is always safer to adopt them if you have grown up children.

Big children not only can tackle any situation with the pets but they keep the pets as babies which is good for the animals too.

We hope and pray you are excited enough to adopt a greyhound by now. Do let us know how it goes for you.