How to Find An Apartment When You Are Moving to Chicago

Searching for a new home? Have you decided to move to a new city and if the city you have picked is Chicago, then this guide will help you with all the hassle on what things to look out for and do proper research on.


As we already know that Chicago is much cheaper relatively compared to New York or San Francisco, but the additional or commute expenses quickly add up. Accordingly, it is wiser to have a probability of how much you have to pay each month for your living expenses. Use the rule of spending 30 percent of your income. For example, if you are planning to live in an apartment with an average rent of $900 per month, you should have a minimum income of at least $2,900 per month. This equals $34,800 per year.

Picking the Right Area

Now here is the biggest reason for you to move to Chicago as Chicago has the variety of communities and culture that matches with you. Chicago is the home to 77 different communities. You can simply search Google, and if you’re searching for apartments, there are plenty of sites online. Here are some of the names of areas for you to keep in mind when you are looking for apartments.

  • South Shore
  • Hyde Park
  • Lakeview
  • Lincoln Park
  • West Loop
  • Edison Park

Beside that you can just go to and find your apartment with a few clicks.

Best Time to Move

Well, that is a hard question. The simple answer is, there is not much time as the best time to move. The only best time to move is when you are ready to move. Some people may say moving in winter is best because of the slow business and good move-in deals. But it will still take a good amount of work to do. However, more leases tend to end by summer, giving you more selection to choose between June to August.

Deciding when to move can be a difficult decision, but ultimately the best time to move to apartments for rent in Berkeley CA is when you are ready. While some people may recommend moving in the winter for slower business and better move-in deals, it’s important to remember that moving is still hard work regardless of the time of year. If you’re looking for a wider selection of apartments to choose from, consider moving between June and August when more leases tend to end.

Here come the tips you need to consider while moving into your new apartment.

Tours: When you are done with setting your budget, be ready to take tours. Now I know it is hard during this Covid-19 situation, but taking on a person to person tours is highly advised.

The right paper: Yes, bring the right documents and the application fees when you are searching for your apartment because you never know what might just fit you. So you would want to lock the apartment of your dreams instantly. Bring your ID, proof of income, and references as many landlords or managers may require those.

Verification: Scamming is a common trait these days with the help of such advanced technology. Avoid paying in cash, as a professional landlord will never ask you to pay the amount in cash or ask you to wire to money. Do not sign your lease contracts beforehand or without seeing the apartment

Know your neighbors: A lot of people think or do not care about knowing their neighbors. But knowing your neighbors or talking with tenants can provide you easily with more information on the landlord. Or sometimes a freshly baked apple pie, wouldn’t be too bad. As an example, if you love to stay clam and silently then you should avoid any welder or DIY lover.

Chicago includes communities of people having diverse cultures and lifestyles. It is one of the most populous cities that will welcome you warmly and will make you lead a prosperous life with or without your family.