How to Deal with a Dog Staring at Nothing for Long Hours

How to Deal with a Dog Staring at Nothing for Long Hours

Dogs are incredibly loyal and social. So, when your dog starts to behave in odd manners, you may be concerned. For example, if you catch your dog staring at nothing hours or doing it regularly, it might be disturbing or even frightening for you. It might be an ordinary behavior or might … Read more

Tips for Looking After Your Dog in the Summer

Tips for Looking After Your Dog in the Summer

Everybody looks forward to the summer. The weather improves and you want to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you have a furry friend, this is an opportunity to go on an adventure. But, we all know that you cannot take your dog out when it is too hot. This can … Read more

Top Tips for Dog Weight Loss: What You Should Know

Reasons To Treat Dog's Anxiety With CBD Oil

About 38.4 percent of American homes have at least one dog. Unfortunately, many of these dogs end up overweight due to a combination of factors. Being overweight can increase a dog’s risk of cancer, heart disease, heart intolerance, and more. Knowing these severe health issues associated with obesity, dog weight loss should … Read more

How to Care for Your Dog’s Ears

person holding a dog’s ears

If you have pet dogs, you’re probably spending a lot of time and effort taking care of them. To keep your dog healthy, it is essential to feed them proper food, enough water, and as well as regular exercise. If you’re a new dog owner, there are Best Dog Blogs that you … Read more

Finding the Best Bed for Your Dog

Finding the Best Bed for Your Dog

Pets are amazing things. They bring us so much happiness and joy and ask for little in return. From goldfish to hamsters, and cats to dogs, the animal world is full of delightful creatures that make great pets, as well as many that are better off left in the wild. Some pets … Read more

How to Make Your Dog Happy and Healthy: 10 Top Tips

How to Make Your Dog Happy and Healthy 10 Top Tips

Are you trying to figure out how to make your dog happy? Read this article to learn the top tips for making your dog happy and healthy. As a pet owner, it is crucial to know how to make your dog happy and healthy. Not only will it make it easier to … Read more

Tips And Tools You Need For Home Pet Grooming

A puppy looking up with its tongue out amid shrubbery

Many of us like to keep pets. Having an animal friend in your house can be a very positive experience in more ways than one. Not only do you provide the animal a good, comfortable life, you also have a source of affection. Having therapy pets is quite common for this very … Read more

10 Best Dog Shock Collar With Remote Reviews

Dog Shock Collar With Remote

Dog Shock Collar With Remote Pet lovers and to be more specific dog lovers know this fact really well that training any dog is the toughest job in the world and it takes a lot of time. By passage of time, there have been so many innovative technologies through which we can … Read more

Best Companion Dog Breeds

best companion dog breeds

Well, of course technically, most dogs would make great companions. But there are dog breeds that keep their human master’s company much better than others. Whether you’re out there for a leisurely walk, having a family day out or having some lazy time on the couch watching television, these dog breeds make … Read more

The Best Dogs For Young Children

the best dogs for young children

If you want a dog but you have younger kids around, you should choose a dog breed that’s friendly and affectionate towards children (and the whole family as well!).   1. Golden Retriever No wonder this is America’s #1 dog! It is very bright, highly trainable, friendly (even to complete strangers), even-tempered, … Read more

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

most intelligent dog breeds

There are dog breeds that are more intelligent than others. These dog breeds can quickly learn tricks and are highly trainable, but they can also be challenging to take care of. These dog breeds are among the most intelligent in the world according to professor Stanley Conen. Find out if your dog … Read more

Interesting Facts About Dogs

Interesting Facts About Dogs

Dogs are your best companions — they’re with you almost all the time, indoors and outdoors. So what more could you possibly want to know about Buddy or Bella? A lot, lot more! These interesting and fascinating facts about dogs may leave you surprised and appreciate your pet more for certain. A … Read more

Largest Dog Breeds

largest dog breeds

If you have been fascinated and entertained by the Top 12 Small Dog Breeds, you also might be interested in our “Largest Dog Breeds” gallery. Intending to keep a big dog for your own and your family’s safety? Check out this gallery and learn general information about each breed! Remember that like … Read more