Tips for Looking After Your Dog in the Summer

Everybody looks forward to the summer. The weather improves and you want to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you have a furry friend, this is an opportunity to go on an adventure. But, we all know that you cannot take your dog out when it is too hot. This can be detrimental for your canine’s health and put them in danger. Here are some top tips for looking after your pup in the summer.

Change Walk Time

We all know that dogs benefit from having a routine. It can keep canines happy and content. But, due to the heat during the day, you may have to adjust when you take your pup out for a walk. For instance, first thing in the morning and in the evenings are going to be the coolest parts of the day to allow your furry friend to happily run around without it being a danger to their health. Your dog will soon get used to their new routine for the summer and you can change it back again when it gets cooler.

Always check the heat of the pavement before you go outside. After all, asphalt and tarmac get hot and this can burn your pup’s paws. Simply, touch the ground before you go a walk to make sure it is safe for your pooch.

Leave Your Dog at Home

Of curse, a lot of owners want to bring their furry friend on an outdoor adventure with them when they go out in the sun. But, sometimes, you need to know when it is best to leave your canine at home. If it is very hot outside and there is going to be no shade or cover where you are going, it is best to leave your dog indoors where it is cool. This will avoid them from getting heatstroke. If you think that your pooch may be anxious and suffer from separation anxiety without you, you can always try a calming supplement from Peak Pets.

In addition, make sure that you never leave your dog in a hot car. Even for short periods of time, it is unsafe for your furry friend to be left alone in a confined space like this. The heat builds up quickly and it can be fatal. If you are going somewhere that means your dog has to stay in the car for even five minutes, leave them at home. It is not worth the risk to bring them. They will be better inside in a cool house instead.

Offer Fresh Water

The warm weather can mean that your dog is at risk from heatstroke and dehydration. In other to prevent these conditions, make sure that you always offer your pup fresh water. This should be easy for your dog to access when they need it at all times in the day. If they are in the garden, make sure that you have a bowl of cold water with them. When you are going out for the day, also make sure that you bring water and offer it to your dog regularly in case they get thirsty.

Remember the Sunscreen

A lot of people do not realise that sunscreen is not just for people. Dogs also need to wear this on their skin too. There is special dog sunscreen your furry friend can wear that is going to protect their skin from UV rays. In particular, if your canine has short fur and a lot of their skin is exposed, you should apply the sunscreen. In addition, if you have a canine with white hair, they are going to be at risk too. While shade and being out of direct sunlight is going to be the best remedy during the summer, if your dog is going to be out, wearing sunscreen is advisable.

Know the Signs of Heatstroke

Nobody wants their canine to get heatstroke. But, when you know the symptoms in advance, you can ensure that you spot it early and allow your dog to get treatment as soon as possible. If your dog starts to pant heavily and shows gum discolouration that is bright red, this is a bad sign. They will also demonstrate a dry nose and they can suffer from vomiting and diarrhoea. Disorientation and exhaustion are also bad signs and that might indicate your dog has heatstroke. If you suspect that your furry friend has heatstroke, you must see a veterinarian straight away.