How to Deal with a Dog Staring at Nothing for Long Hours

Dogs are incredibly loyal and social. So, when your dog starts to behave in odd manners, you may be concerned.

For example, if you catch your dog staring at nothing hours or doing it regularly, it might be disturbing or even frightening for you. It might be an ordinary behavior or might be a sign that something is going on with your dog.

Because dogs cannot directly tell why they are staring at walls or whether something is wrong with them, it’s up to you to find out why. The best way to do this is by observing their actions.

Why is Your Dog Staring at Nothing?

There can be several reasons as to why your dog is suddenly staring at nothing for long hours:

  • Your dog might be displaying attention-seeking behavior if they know that it will lead you to care or play with them more.
  • It may be compulsive behavior that is caused by your dog feeling anxious or stressed. It can lead to OCD-like tendencies in your dog over time.
  • Your dog could be in the middle of a seizure if they are suddenly staring at nothing and shaking or trembling. It could also be a sign of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.
  • Your dog might have ingested a toxic substance such as caffeine, toothpaste, or other regular household items that are toxic for dogs. Your dog will also exhibit a host of other symptoms such as vomiting and lethargy if this is the case.

How to Act When Your Dog is Staring at Nothing

Your dog staring at nothing may not be a problem or issue for you if it does not happen often. It can become problematic if your dog starts to show this behavior accompanied by other actions like shaking.

The first thing to do is to see if your dog is responding to your call. You can also observe their behavior if you touch or pet them during such instances.

If they display an abnormal level of interest in the wall, you could try placing your ear against the wall and have a listen as well. If you hear any odd noise, it could be just that your dog is reacting to pests within the wall.

Suppose it’s not pests, and touching your dog while staring at nothing makes them aggressive or violent towards you. In that case, you should consider scheduling an appointment with the vet to diagnose the issue properly.

Don’t Be Worried About Your Dog’s Behavior

It should not be a concern for you right away when your dog starts displaying such behavior. However, if it is becoming repetitive or creepy for you, observe your dog for any other odd behavior, so you can consult a vet about it.

If you do not know whether your dog just started behaving like this or whether they’ve learned it from somewhere, consult a professional about it. Record and note down any other observations about your dog because this will be more helpful to the vet when they’re diagnosing what is wrong with your dog.

If there is something wrong with your dog, you don’t need to worry as many times these symptoms are treatable, and your dog will be back to normal in no time. Do not dismiss such behavior as normal for your dog if they haven’t done it before, though.