Finding the Best Bed for Your Dog

Pets are amazing things. They bring us so much happiness and joy and ask for little in return. From goldfish to hamsters, and cats to dogs, the animal world is full of delightful creatures that make great pets, as well as many that are better off left in the wild.

Some pets do require a little more attention and dedication than others, so you need to be aware of what is going to be expected of you as a pet owner when it comes to deciding on which animal to get. One of the easiest pets to look after is fish – as long as you sprinkle a little fish food for them to eat twice a day, and clean out the fish tank and filter once in a while, you will have a relatively easy life. 

Having a dog as a pet

When it comes to pets such as dogs, you’ll need to be a lot more involved and active in looking after them. Regular walks are a must when it comes to our canine friends, and you’ll also want to make sure that they are well-nourished and fed.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, well sizes mostly, and some are a lot easier to care for than others. The size also influences what and how much they need to eat on a daily basis in order to stay healthy. Larger dogs are great if you have a large garden or open spaces, while smaller dogs are better for apartments or small homes.

Helping your dog stay healthy

In addition to a balanced diet and regular exercises, it is also important for the health and wellbeing of your dog that they sleep well. One way to help with this is to get them a dog bed. 

For some people, the idea of having a bed specifically for your dog may seem strange, but over the years, animal welfare research and studies have shown that dogs are much more comfortable and happy having their own bed to sleep and lie down on, rather than a hard, cold stone floor. 

If you’ve paid a visit to any pet store over the past few years, you’ll have noticed more and more products are becoming available for your pets, rather than simply food, cat litter, and dog leashes. In addition to pet shops, there are lots of online shops selling all types of pet products and dog beds such as those from Bobby Bed, which have a great selection for you to choose from.

Pet products are a huge market and are something that more and more people all over the world are taking seriously, as they can be very beneficial to your pets. From cat stands to dog beds, each has been developed with the wellbeing of the animal as the primary aim.

Which bed is best for your dog?

When it comes to finding the best best for your dog, there are a number of different factors that you are going to have to consider. A dog bed that is snug and perfect for your little Terrier isn’t going to be of much use for your Great Dane

There are also different types of beds. Some might resemble a regular mattress, but in a much smaller form, while others may have the appearance of a cave, where the animal can climb in and snuggle up against the soft materials.

The age of your dog

In addition to the size of your dog, it’s also important to take into consideration the age of your pet. Older dogs will need a bed that is specifically designed for older animals, as they will have specific elements with them such as insulation to maintain their body temperatures, as well as the absorption of moisture that might be released through a weakened bladder.

Some dogs may prefer to have a lot of space when sleeping to move about it, while others may prefer something more compact with the feeling of being hugged. There are even specially designed orthopedic dog beds that can provide additional comfort for your pet, with some of them also featuring a cushion that can provide support for your dog’s neck.

Types of dog beds

There are lots of different types of dog beds, ranging from a simple flat mattress type bed to a fully cushioned and quilted option. There are a number of dog beds that have been created with memory foam, which offer a great deal of comfort and can help to stop the body of your dog from touching the floor, which during the winter months can be very cold and uncomfortable.

The kennel-style dog bed is a popular option and is ideal for dogs that do spend a lot of time in their kennel or crate. Most of the mattresses in these types of beds are on the thin side, and simply offer a barrier between the floor and your dog, though many of them are water-resistant and very easy to clean. If your dog has an accident and urinates on the mattress, it will be very easy to clean and dry out.

There is also the nesting style dog bed, which has raised edges around the sides and back, to provide a perimeter around the bed, with a soft comfortable space in the middle. The name is due to this bed being similar to the structure of a bird’s nest. This type of bed is great for those who have small to medium-sized dogs, who enjoy curling up and sleeping in comfort.

The price factor

One of the other very important factors when it comes to choosing a bed for your dog is the price. Some of them, such as an orthopedic dog bed, will cost a lot more than a regular cushioned bed, such as the nest or donut type beds. 

The materials used in their making will also play a role in the cost, as well as other factors such as if the bed is simply filled with regular stuffing or it’s using memory foam.

Some final thoughts

At the end of the day, most people will know what is best for their dog and will purchase the best bed accordingly. 

Dogs are one of the best pets you can have, and offering them the best in terms of comfort for a good night’s sleep is the least we can do after all the happiness and love they give us.