Top Tips for Dog Weight Loss: What You Should Know

About 38.4 percent of American homes have at least one dog. Unfortunately, many of these dogs end up overweight due to a combination of factors. Being overweight can increase a dog’s risk of cancer, heart disease, heart intolerance, and more.

Knowing these severe health issues associated with obesity, dog weight loss should become a priority for hefty canine owners. But how can you help your dog lose weight and be healthier? Continue reading to learn the top weight loss tips for dogs.

Remove All Other Food Sources From Reach

If you have other pets in the home (especially cats), make sure their food dishes are out of reach for your dog. You’ll also want to ensure nobody in the house is feeding your canine human food scraps. Other food sources could be a source of weight gain.

Use a Smart Feeder

Using a smart dog feeder lets you monitor exactly how much food your dog gets. You can set the feeder to feed your pup at a specific time and for a particular amount.

Figure Out How Many Calories They Need

Like humans, dogs require only a certain amount of calories. Weight gain is most often attributed to eating more calories than your dog needs.  To figure out your dog’s caloric needs, you’ll first need to weigh them. Take your pet’s weight and divide it by 2.2. Then, multiply that number by 7 to find your dog’s base caloric needs.  To help with dog weight loss, reduce that base number by about 25 to 50 calories per day. This will help facilitate slow but gradual weight loss.

For example, if your dog weighs 100 pounds, the simple formula above looks like this:

100 pounds/2.2= 45.45 x 7 = 318 base calories per day

318 base calories – 25 = 293 calories per day for weight loss

Ensure Daily Exercise

Besides a minor calorie restriction (that shouldn’t be overdone), daily exercise is one of the best things for dog weight loss. For highly obese pets or seniors, you’ll want to start slow and not push it. Although you should eventually aim for at least twenty minutes a day, starting at just five minutes will help build stamina and slowly reduce weight gain.

Choose the Right Type of Food

Many people fail to realize not all commercial dog foods are the same. Many foods are loaded with ingredients like wheat that can cause your dog to pack on the pounds and wreak their health. Instead, choose a high-quality food that’s low in carbs and high in protein.

More Questions About Dog Weight Loss Tips

Being overweight increases a dog’s risk of numerous health issues, leading to low quality of life. Thankfully, pet owners can help their canines lose weight by incorporating the top tips listed above.

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