Why Your Dog Needs a Blanket

Have you ever wondered if and why your dog needs a blanket? Most times, dog owners don’t know if or why they should get blankets for their dogs. But not to worry, this post will emphasize why it is impotent and necessary to get a dog blanket for your furry baby.

To answer the first part of the question, yes, your dog needs a blanket (multiple blankets if you can spare) because just like humans, it keeps them warm and snug especially during chilly seasons. Dog furs are not enough to provide them the warmth they need, no matter how furry the breed is. But with a blanket present, your dog not only has warmth, but it also has maximum comfort and a high sense of security.

A blanket also provides your fur baby with a place to call its own. Just like you have that favorite sofa you love to snuggle in with a cup of warm chocolate, your dog needs a place to call its own. A warm, safe place where they can go to stay when they need to rest, is under duress, or just want to “chill”. A dog blanket provides this level of comfort that your dog craves.

Now for the second part, why does your dog need a blanket? Frankly, there are a lot of reasons why dogs need blankets, but here are the major reasons why you should invest in a lovely custom dog blanket.

To Keep Your Dog Warm

As much as your dog might love to snuggle against you on your bed or the sofa while you both see a movie, sleeping on its blanket provides the best type of warmth it needs. If you are not one to allow your dog on the furniture or in the room with you, a blanket will be even more of a comfort zone for your dog than usual.

It Is Easier to Maintain Than Normal Dog Beds

Dog blankets are relatively easier to clean and wash, compared to dog beds. You don’t have to go through any stress at all with blankets, all you need to do is throw them in the washing machine and you are good to go. In addition to washing easier, dog blankets dry faster than dog beds. If there is an accidental leak, spill, pet accident, or you washed, you discover that dog blankets dry quickly. Your mutt won’t need to burrow in your sofa because it will get its bed back in no time.

It Keeps Dogs Calm During Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms can be quite unnerving for dogs. It is a source of anxiety for dogs and it can make them panic rather badly. The unexpected, loud noise is something that they can’t comprehend and when this happens, they need to retreat to their comfort and secure zone. A custom dog blanket provides this much-needed comfort for your dog.

Dogs are born with an inane instinct to nest and dog blankets provide just this place for them. When dogs circle an area and scratch around it before they settle, it means that they see that place as an area where they can nest comfortably. It is their security coven.

It Comforts Dogs Especially When They Are in Unfamiliar Places

When you want to go on a trip with your canine, a dog blanket is absolutely necessary. Traveling can give mutts serious anxiety and a nice custom dog blanket provides a sense of stability for them for the duration of the journey. Your dog’s favorite custom dog blanket can serve as a reminder of home during travels.

It Keeps Dogs Warm and Cozy

This is perhaps the main reason for getting your dog a blanket of its own. Sleeping on the tiles or hardwood floor can never be as comfortable as sleeping on a nice, comfortable blanket. Giving a dog its personal blanket can be comforting to both you and your dog. You because you are assured that your furry baby is warm on chilly days even when you are not home.

It is important to get a private pet blanket for your dog as it serves a lot of purposes. When you do decide to get one, do proper research to get the most comfortable, fluffy custom dog blanket you can find around.