The Best Dogs For Young Children

the best dogs for young children

If you want a dog but you have younger kids around, you should choose a dog breed that’s friendly and affectionate towards children (and the whole family as well!).   1. Golden Retriever No wonder this is America’s #1 dog! It is very bright, highly trainable, friendly (even to complete strangers), even-tempered, … Read more

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

most intelligent dog breeds

There are dog breeds that are more intelligent than others. These dog breeds can quickly learn tricks and are highly trainable, but they can also be challenging to take care of. These dog breeds are among the most intelligent in the world according to professor Stanley Conen. Find out if your dog … Read more

Largest Dog Breeds

largest dog breeds

If you have been fascinated and entertained by the Top 12 Small Dog Breeds, you also might be interested in our “Largest Dog Breeds” gallery. Intending to keep a big dog for your own and your family’s safety? Check out this gallery and learn general information about each breed! Remember that like … Read more