How To Prepare For International Travel With Your Pets

How To Prepare For International Travel With Your Pets

Are you planning to travel internationally with your beloved four-legged friends? Whether it’s for business or pleasure, traveling abroad with pets can be an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. You will want to make sure that you and your furry family members are prepared during the entire process so everyone has a safe … Read more

Cartoon Characters with Famous Pets

Logo of Courage the Cowardly Dog

Do you know which cartoon character is the proud owner of a samurai sword-wielding hamster? Or which one has a six-foot-tall praying mantis for a pet? If you guessed that none other than Shaggy and SpongeBob SquarePants are the proud owners of some pretty exotic pets, you would be correct! In this … Read more

Tips for Telling if Your Pet Bird is Unhappy

pet bird in a cage

Knowing a pet’s emotions could often be hard for pet owners, especially if we talk about birds. Unlike dogs and cats, it’s often hard to spot whether your pet bird is stressed or unhappy. But as pet owners, we must do what we can to maintain their emotions intact as well, since … Read more

Learn the Benefits of Playing with Your Cat

Playing with Your Cat

Many cats are perfectly content to spend the entire day perched on a windowsill, napping and watching the world pass them by. However, this does not eliminate the possibility that cats require or enjoy playing games with their owners. They do, without a doubt! Cats enjoy being mentally and physically stimulated. Also, … Read more

What Human Foods Aren’t Suitable for Cats?

Cat Eating

Being a fur parent to a household feline means you want to provide them all the care and comfort you can give them. But growing as a child, we were often exposed to T.V shows, movies, and skits where we see cats eating or drinking. That’s why we’ve always assumed that cats … Read more

The Downsides of Having a Pet

The Downsides of Having a Pet

Humans are sometimes so preoccupied with the idea of owning a pet that they forget about the responsibilities that come with it. Of course, having a pet who is happy to welcome you home after a long day as well as one who will encourage you to get some exercise is great, … Read more

Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet

pink background, cats, dogs, corgi, poodle, british shorthair

Pets are a great source of companionship, motivation, and comfort for their owners. These beloved animals, in a lot of ways, help their humans to achieve better mental health. The companionship they offer is a great way of reducing stress and anxiety. The relationship humans and animals have with each other is … Read more

Top Tips for Taking Care of Pet Birds

parrot, a woman in the background

Despite the birds’ good nature and beautiful features, learning how to take good care of them as a pet requires more work and a little of your common sense. Although having pet birds is different from having cats and dogs, they need as much effort as you do with the other two to be … Read more

Save your pet from getting exposed to toxins! Here’s how?

Save your pet from getting exposed to toxins! Here’s how?

We love our pets for a multitude of reasons. We play with them, take them out for walks, and whatnot. But do we make sure that they are away from any potential chemicals? With so much happening around and cases of poisoning rising, safeguarding your furry friend’s health must be of utmost … Read more

Traveling with pets: Checklist to enjoy a mess-free journey

Traveling with pets

For some people, traveling with pets can be quite challenging, especially during long journeys. Pets are usually unfamiliar with traveling. Moreover, sitting in a closed space for hours is not their cup of tea. It doesn’t matter why you are traveling with them, as that is something beyond their understanding. Whether it … Read more