Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pet

Pet disease

You love your pets with all your heart and you want to ensure their health and happiness. However, if you are too close to your pet or often near or around them, it’s possible that you can catch diseases from them. Yes, your lovable pets can transmit diseases to you, too. Here’s … Read more

Top 12 Small Dog Breeds

12 Small Dog Breeds

Top 12 Small Dog Breeds Smaller dog breeds are very popular in the United States. You may see many famous Hollywood celebrities proudly cuddling their small dogs in front of many people like they flash their accessories. You may want to adopt a smaller breed because they’re cute and cuddly, but don’t … Read more

Which Is Better — A Cat or A Dog?

cat and dog

Dog over a cat? Or cat over a dog? The debate seems so never-ending when it comes to the subject as to which of the popular pets is a better companion. And the rivalry will never cease today and for good. I guess it depends on your personality, whether you’re a dog … Read more

Iconic Animals and Pets on Movies and Television


Celebrity animals on TV and in the movies For most of us, pets have become a part of our family. We treat them as if they’re people too, and sometimes like they’re our equal. And it’s not much different in the showbiz world. In fact, many of these animals have become stars … Read more

Small Dogs Can Make Great Pets – Picking the Right Breed

Small Dogs Can Make Great Pets - Picking the Right Breed

In the past 10 years, the upsurge of pugs has been noticeable as well as miniature versions of large dogs. Some of the toy dogs that are loved by everyone include miniature schnauzers and miniature pinschers. Small dogs make great family pets. Higher energy dogs like the Boston terrier and the Yorkshire … Read more

Knowing What Is Safe to Feed a Pet Parrot

Knowing What Is Safe to Feed a Pet Parrot

Keep your parrot healthy and happy by feeding it the right foods Parrots are delightful pets to keep. Not only do they have the most colorful and beautiful plumage of all the birds, but they can also keep you company with their pleasant mimicking of human voices and other tricks if they’re … Read more

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the U.S.


According to the U.S census, there are over 90 million cats that reside in American homes as pets. Many of these pets are referred to as “domestic longhairs” or “domestic shorthairs”. Only about 3-5% are actual purebreds. There are currently about 40 cat breeds (approximately) but the list continues to grow with … Read more

Introduction to Pet Insurance

Introduction to Pet Insurance

The health insurance industry is booming, and this also includes insurance that is offered to cover your pet. Just like we humans have health insurances, pets can also have veterinary insurance plans. It works in a similar way – as a pet owner, you just pay a monthly premium, and if your … Read more

Deciding Whether or Not to Get Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Would you buy a health insurance for your pet? Pets, whether dogs or cats, give us unconditional love, companionship, and enjoyment. I guess our pets love us more unconditionally than humans do. Most of us treat them as part of the family and have developed a deep attachment to them. That’s why, … Read more