Traveling with pets: Checklist to enjoy a mess-free journey

For some people, traveling with pets can be quite challenging, especially during long journeys. Pets are usually unfamiliar with traveling. Moreover, sitting in a closed space for hours is not their cup of tea. It doesn’t matter why you are traveling with them, as that is something beyond their understanding. Whether it is a long-due vacation or work out of town, it would be best to know how to travel with pets.

Most people do not have any issues traveling with their pets as they know the dos and don’ts. If you are planning to travel with your beloved pet anytime soon, do not fret! This article will make sure that you have a mess-free journey with your pets.

For your ease, here is a checklist you can benefit from while traveling.

Start with preparing a traveling kit for your pet

Wherever you are traveling, try packing some essential items according to your pet’s needs. It would be wise to customize a traveling kit with the following items:

  • Some dry food, whichever your pet likes
  • A collapsible bowl to feed your pet during the journey
  • First-aid items and medicines, if any
  • Some favorite stuffed toys, pillow, or blanket
  • Traveling documents, like a certificate of rabies.
  • Dental chews and treats
  • Cat litter products for an uninterrupted journey
  • Contact information of your veterinarian.

All of these items can guarantee safe travel, and your pet will stay at peace at all times. However, cat litter products are a must, as you may need them throughout the journey.

Keep an eye on your pet’s diet

Just like humans, pets can suffer from motion sickness as well. Therefore, it is better to keep track of what they should eat and what to avoid. By doing so, you will also prevent any stomachaches from happening. However, there is no need to change the entire diet of your pet at the last minute. It will only wreak havoc, and you will be unable to enjoy the trip. Here are some ways to keep a check on your pet’s diet:

  • Depending on the mode of transportation, pack some dry food. Try to bring enough dry food that could last for a week or two. You can also check the nearby stores for dry food upon arriving. Some hotels may have a stock of your pet’s favorite dry food, but try to plan before your journey accordingly.
  • Keep some fresh or canned food with you during traveling. Your pet may get bored of consuming dry food items. Hence, stocking up on some fresh food is worth a shot. You can buy some fresh food along the way or when you reach the final destination.
  • Pack some seeds if you are traveling with birds. Since different pets consume different food items, think, and act wisely. You do not want to deprive your pet of their favorite food, so pack things accordingly. Also, stock up on nutritious food items, which will keep them energized during extended hours.
  • Have a plan in mind for emergencies

The U.S. Department of State advises pet owners to always have an emergency plan in mind. You never know when you may have to leave your pets behind or send them home to a foreign place. Now, what can you include in a safety or emergency plan? Here are some recommendations:

  • Decide in advance whom to call in times of need, like your veterinarian or someone else.
  • Pen down the pet-care instructions, like feeding them, their medications, and any preventative treatments.
  • Wherever you plan on staying, save the contact information of any trusted person or faculty member over there.
  • Make sure your pet does not get dehydrated

To enjoy traveling with your pets, make sure to keep them dehydrated. Besides giving them a proper diet, check if they are drinking enough water before taking off. Try not to provide them with any heavy meal before traveling. However, let them drink water during the journey. You can take occasional loo breaks so the pet stays comfortable while traveling.

Do some rehearsals with your pet

If this is your first time covering long distances with your pets, why not make them accustomed to it? A pre-travel rehearsal would be good. It is natural to struggle with something for the first time, and your pet may feel the same while traveling. So, take them on short car rides and increase the duration gradually. Put your pets in separate crates while traveling, so they become used to the feeling. You can also take them out for long walks, so they have a mental picture of what will happen next.

If you plan to travel by air, take a calming walk before you board. It will help relax your pet and give it the chance to run or walk before the boarding begins. Another essential thing to calm down your pet is putting a comfortable piece of cloth in their crate. You can use any cozy bedding or squishy toys too. Also, place a nametag on your pet to avoid any problems.

Final Words

The checklist mentioned above shows how important it is to prioritize your pet’s needs while traveling. By keeping them safe and happy, you will never face any issues while traveling with them. So follow this checklist and prepare in advance! In this way, you and your pets will make the most of the journey.