How to Care for Tropical Fish

How to Care for Tropical Fish

Tropical fish can be found in aquatic tropical environments around the world. It includes both freshwater and saltwater species and they are often kept in aquariums. Freshwater tropical fish are more commonly kept than saltwater tropical fish because fresh water sources are more common such as tap water. Tropical fish are great … Read more

Scottish Fold – The Lop-Eared Cat

Scottish Fold–The Lop Eared Cat

The Scottish Fold is a domestic cat breed that has a natural dominant-gene mutation which affects cartilage throughout the body. This gene mutation causes its ears to fold, being forward and down towards the front of its head. Scottish Folds were originally known as lop-eared or lops, named after the lop-eared rabbit, … Read more

A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Pets

Pets, just like humans, can also experience various medical conditions that can make them uncomfortable and sick.  And for pet owners, a situation like this shouldn’t be ignored but must be treated properly. In some cases just like for humans, essential oils might just do the trick.   What Is Essential Oil? … Read more