Tips on Keeping Spiders as Pets

Black Tarantula

Choosing a pet could sometimes depend on the type of owner since not all pets are easily handled. This is entirely true for spiders, where particular things need to be considered first before getting yourself one. Aside from the fact that spiders could bite, there is other interesting information that you need … Read more

Learn the Benefits of Walking Your Dog Daily

Owner and dog walking

Being a fur parent can have you take care of your dog like it’s your own child, and that’s wonderful. We even tend to be overprotective of everything they eat or do; that’s why we research many things online or consult our local veterinarian about our pup. That boils down to one … Read more

The Downsides of Having a Pet

dog, wooden floors

Humans are sometimes so preoccupied with the idea of owning a pet that they forget about the responsibilities that come with it. Of course, having a pet who is happy to welcome you home after a long day as well as one who will encourage you to get some exercise is great, … Read more

The Top Fictional Spiders in Pop Culture

silhouette of buildings, red semicircle, a silhouette of spider, the silhouette of spiderman

Much to the horror of arachnophobes, you’ll see a lot of big, scary eight-legged entities in both the real and fictional world. These monstrous and mystical creatures crawled their way to our lives throughout history— spinning their thread all over our favorite literature, philosophical metaphors, mythology, gaming, works of film, and even technology … Read more

The Most Famous Cats in Popular Culture

close up of a cat, grumpy cat

Felines have since clawed their way up the front lines of pop culture. Cat lover or not, it doesn’t matter, as cats have stolen the hearts of pop culture enthusiasts. From the famous Japanese fictional character Hello Kitty to the feline fashion icon Choupette Lagerfeld, cats have amassed a lot of attention to themselves … Read more

Mental Health Benefits of Having a Pet

pink background, cats, dogs, corgi, poodle, british shorthair

Pets are a great source of companionship, motivation, and comfort for their owners. These beloved animals, in a lot of ways, help their humans to achieve better mental health. The companionship they offer is a great way of reducing stress and anxiety. The relationship humans and animals have with each other is … Read more

Top Tips for Taking Care of Pet Birds

parrot, a woman in the background

Despite the birds’ good nature and beautiful features, learning how to take good care of them as a pet requires more work and a little of your common sense. Although having pet birds is different from having cats and dogs, they need as much effort as you do with the other two to be … Read more

Tips for bathing a fussy pet

dog, bathtub, tiles, human arms, soap suds

Bath time at home can be a pleasant bonding activity for you and your pet. However, it can instantly turn messy if your pet is fussy and constantly trying to get away from the wash area. If you’re hoping to avoid chasing after your soaking wet pet the next time you wash … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Keeping Spiders as Pets

spider, spider web

If you aren’t particularly fussy about owning a spider as a pet, you might enjoy keeping them. While spiders are certainly some of the most taboo animals out there, with humans both liking and disliking them, they’ve gone to be quite popular as pets within recent years. Not only are their hunting and … Read more

The Most Dangerous Pets in Pop Culture

a sitting St. Bernard facing left

Most people prefer dogs, and those that don’t tend to prefer cats. If you’re not a dog or cat person, then you’re probably a bird person, perhaps a fish person, or a horse person. Everyone generally has a favorite type of animal. Pop culture has, over the years, showed us how incredible … Read more