Tips for Choosing a Pony for a Child

As a horse lover, it would be nice to own a horse not just for yourself but also for your kid. Horses are gentle creatures, and they offer a great bonding time with your loved ones. However, as gentle as they may, choosing the right horse, especially for a child would not be an easy task, considering all the factors when getting one. A small horse, also known as a pony, is what you need for your kid. However, it would require you to look into its various factors before buying it. In this article, we are going to show you tips for choosing a pony for a child.

Look for recommendations from friends and family

The first thing you need to when choosing a pony for a child is to ask your friends and family for any recommendations. A recommendation from someone you know could save you time from randomly looking for the right pony. Especially if the recommendation comes from an experienced horse owner, you should definitely consider looking into it. Just check the farm’s credibility and reputation when it comes to breeding and training horses.

Gauge the maturity of the kid

Another thing to consider when choosing a pony is to gauge your kid’s maturity. This factor is very important since not all kids have the same maturity as others. Physical and emotional maturity are both essential factors required to be taken into consideration when choosing a pony. The child should be prepared to riding the pony and socializing with it regularly. If not emotionally matured enough, you and the child might be overwhelmed of the daily management of the pony, which could lead to lapses in taking care of it. The same thing goes when looking into the physical capabilities of the child. Riding a horse is not an easy task; the kid should be able to balance its body to ride the horse properly. To do this, the child requires strength and coordination; without these factors, he or she might not be ready yet to have a pony.

Consider the child’s size

Considering the child’s size is a no-brainer. When choosing the ideal pony for a child, always make sure that their sizes match perfectly. Ideally, small ponies are best for beginners, especially for kids. Its size would make the kid feel safe, which would also help in building confidence. Furthermore, the kid would be able to learn faster compared when faced with relatively larger horse.

Consider your budget

It is not always best to buy cheaper, especially when choosing a pony. It is great to buy a pony in a more affordable price; however, make sure that safety wouldn’t be compromised. When buying ponies, especially in credible farms, always keep in mind that the cost depends on the pony’s standard. If you are looking for a pony that has excellent quality, skills, and appearance, be mindful that the cost would definitely be more expensive than other choices. Considering the quality of the pony, the price should be all worth it.

Choose an experienced pony

When choosing a pony for a child, as much as possible, try to look for an experienced one. Teaching your kid how to ride a pony could a challenging task; it would be more difficult if the pony is not also experienced. That is why you should always be mindful in choosing an experienced pony; this could lessen your effort in teaching your kid how to ride. In addition to this, it would give you and your kid a confidence boost, knowing that the pony is already experienced in the field. Again, when buying a pony, safety should not be compromised; it should be on top priority.

Request to speak with the pony’s initial owner

Lastly, if you are done looking for the ideal pony that has the looks, skills, and experience, another thing you should do is to speak with its previous owner. Even experienced ponies have their behavioral and physical differences. Talking to the initial owner would help you gain more information of the pony’s traits, which could also help in training. Known these details could ensure a better and safer pony riding experience for your kid.