Iditarod Sled Facts

Sled Dogs Running the Iditarod

Did you know that the Iditarod sled race is one of the longest and most grueling races in the world? The race spans over 1,000 miles across Alaska, and it takes participants between nine and eleven days to complete. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some interesting facts about the Iditarod sled … Read more

Avoid the Dog Door Installation Cost – Here’s How

Big Dog, Little Door

If you’re like most pet lovers, you probably love your furry friend but don’t love the idea of constantly having to let them in and out. A dog door can be a great solution to this problem, but it can be expensive to install. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips … Read more

Tips for Telling if Your Pet Bird is Unhappy

pet bird in a cage

Knowing a pet’s emotions could often be hard for pet owners, especially if we talk about birds. Unlike dogs and cats, it’s often hard to spot whether your pet bird is stressed or unhappy. But as pet owners, we must do what we can to maintain their emotions intact as well, since … Read more

Interesting Facts About Potbellied Pigs

Black Hairy Mini Pig on Green Grass

Are you a pig lover? Do you consider making them pets? Some would actually see them as exotic pets, but they are pretty common in some people in other countries, plus they are already domesticated. Here, you can check a different breed from the regular pig you usually see. This is called … Read more

When Should You Take Your Pet to a Veterinarian

Dog Having a Checkup on a Veterinarian

Having a pet around the house imposes greater responsibility. This added obligation in pets includes bringing them to a vet when needed. However, not every bump and scratch should be taken to a veterinarian, and there are only particular things you need to remember when you need to bring them. Just to … Read more

Learn the Benefits of Playing with Your Cat

A lady playing with a cat

Many cats are perfectly content to spend the entire day perched on a windowsill, napping and watching the world pass them by. However, this does not eliminate the possibility that cats require or enjoy playing games with their owners. They do, without a doubt! Cats enjoy being mentally and physically stimulated. Also, … Read more

Tips For Feeding Your Pet Bird

Flock of birds eating

If you ever find yourself interested in having birds as pets, you might get confused about what they should and shouldn’t eat. As pet owners, it’s relatively okay if you are worried about minor details such as this. Since nutrition will always be part of your bird’s growth, let alone any animal. … Read more

What Human Foods Aren’t Suitable for Cats?

Cat Eating

Being a fur parent to a household feline means you want to provide them all the care and comfort you can give them. But growing as a child, we were often exposed to T.V shows, movies, and skits where we see cats eating or drinking. That’s why we’ve always assumed that cats … Read more

Tips for Keeping Guinea Pig as a Pet

Close Up Photo of Guinea Pig Sitting on a Hand

At the start of the year 2020, Guinea Pigs have sky-rocketed their popularity among pet owners. They started to fill in more houses as loving indoor pets since the beginning of the quarantine season. However, little do people know that Guinea Pigs did not actually come from Guinea, and from their looks, … Read more

Learn What Foods to Avoid Giving to Birds

Close Up of Seagull

Having birds as pets is entirely different from having cats or dogs. One vital difference between them is their diet, which could become critical if you give your birds the wrong type of food. And these foods might seem simple and healthy for humans but can actually make your pet birds sick. … Read more