Precaution to Take When Riding a Horse

Like in every activity and sports, horse riding comes with a certain degree of risk. Nevertheless, the risk it could cause you may be greater or lower, depending on what you do. What everyone should understand is that a horse is a living creature that has unpredictable behavior. If it gets frightened, one can stumble or fall to the ground. Along with that, there are also other components that could affect the risk. Some of these are the horse’s speed, height, or even the type of trail you are to venture. With that being said, it can be concluded that riding a horse is much more dangerous than riding a motorcycle. But don’t fret. Although there are potential risks, it is still possible to learn how to ride a horse in a much safer way, like in every regular activity you do. 

There are certain rules and precautions you need to observe in order to attain a safe ride experience. With that, in this article, we will be delving into ways of how to prevent serious accidents. Below are the things you need to consider before you ride a horse.

Wear a Hard Hat

A head injury is far worse than any other bone injury, like knee injuries. Most often, if someone fell from a horse, head injuries are one of the major accidents that could happen. Also, some head injuries could either result in death or permanent defects. In fact, according to research published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ), head injuries are the leading cause of death in horse-related events. Some of these injuries are caused by a fall from horse-back and kicks to the head. So, with that, we can see the importance of wearing a helmet in horse-back riding to prevent further injuries like concussions. 

Choosing a Horse that Matches the Rider

To avoid accidents, it is also important to consider matching the rider to the horse. A beginner rider shouldn’t be paired with an energetic or athletic horse. Meanwhile, an experienced rider could not be paired with an old, tired horse. Choosing a horse should also be based on the skills of the rider. However, if it is a matter regarding a riding tour, it is essential that the rider should be an experienced one to prevent difficulties. Matching the horse to its rider is also an important factor to avoid unnecessary accidents. 

Avoid Objects that may Fall in front of a Horse

Horses may be frightened when an object suddenly falls in front of them. If that happens, a horse may make a sudden turn or stop making you stumble on your saddle. Objects like hats should be tied tightly around the rider to prevent them from falling down, scaring the horses, and of course, to avoid incidents.  

Beware of Kicking Horses

Any horse can kick, and that’s what you should always put in your reminder list. Broken legs would be only one of the results if you approached a horse suddenly, whether it is a known kicker or not. To prevent this incident, one should avoid approaching a horse suddenly on its rear. Another suggestion is to tie a red ribbon to those horses that are known as kickers to inform other riders to be careful when around those horses. 

Do Not Ride a Horse by Yourself!

If you are a beginner rider, you shouldn’t ride a horse by yourself. Always remember to learn to ride with a trainer or an instructor. That way, you’ll most likely become a skilled rider in a much safer way. On the other hand, if you are with a group, do not get too close with other riders. Try to keep a distance from the horse in front of you. With that, if the horse in front of you kicks, it wouldn’t reach you. Another reason is to avoid the accident if the horse in front made an unexpected reaction. 

Take these tips into consideration if you are just learning to ride a horse and even if you are already a skilled rider. Remembering these tips would surely help you avoid accidents or injuries when riding a horse.