Interesting Facts About Dogs


Dogs are your best companions — they’re with you almost all the time, indoors and outdoors. So what more could you possibly want to know about Buddy or Bella? A lot, lot more! These interesting and fascinating facts about dogs may leave you surprised and appreciate your pet more for certain. A … Read more

Interesting Facts About Cats


Cats are our little furry friends. Aside from giving us companionship, they are also excellent in hunting down vermin, such as rats, which are a nuisance to our homes. Over 88 million cats are owned by people in the United States; this is the reason why they top the list of “Most … Read more

Interesting Facts About Service Dogs

Service Dogs

Service dogs are the dogs that are trained to perform certain tasks other than police work. They are trained to assist and help people with disabilities, such as blind people, people with a mental health condition, invalids, or persons suffering trauma. They love, lead, balance, listen, and guide. Whether it is about … Read more

Interesting Facts About Gold Fish

The goldfish (Carassius auratus) is one of the common pet fish. They’re easy to obtain — almost all pet shops have goldfish — as well as easy to keep. You’d think that there’s nothing more to learn about goldfish as they are almost ubiquitous, but check out these goldfish facts that may … Read more

Popular Small Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are wildly popular these days. For their size, they’re adorable and manageable at the same time, compared to bigger breeds. Check out this list of popular small dog breeds and find out if your dog is one of them! This adorably crinkly-faced pooch is a friendly, outgoing dog and … Read more

Facts About Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets

Some people are a bit adventurous when it comes to owning pets. In addition to owning the usual dogs and cats, they also own exotic pets such as a sugar glider or even a strange-looking cockroach. Fennec foxes have the dog’s energy and playfulness but have the cat’s size and independent personality. … Read more

Most Popular Birds as Pets


A lot of bird species are usually kept as pets. They are known for their beauty and make good companions. Smaller birds ideal for first-time owners, apartment dwellers, and children who wish to take care of one. While bigger and more gregarious birds should better be handled by experienced owners. The following … Read more

Different Types of Pet Lizards

Lizards as pets are getting more popular these days, and they fall under the category of exotic pets. Smaller lizards are usually good for beginners. Larger and more high-maintenance lizards, on the other hand, should be handled by experienced owners who are willing to devote their ample time to caring them. We … Read more

Most Popular US Pets

Most Popular US Pets

Undoubtedly, dogs and cats top the list of most popular pets in the US – the Americans own about 74.8 million dogs and 88.3 million cats. Pets serve as the best companions, and the Americans love pets with all their heart! Pets don’t just fill in the emptiness in the owner’s life … Read more

Largest Dog Breeds

If you have been fascinated and entertained by the Top 12 Small Dog Breeds, you also might be interested in our “Largest Dog Breeds” gallery. Intending to keep a big dog for your own and your family’s safety? Check out this gallery and learn general information about each breed! Remember that like … Read more