Popular Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are wildly popular these days. For their size, they’re adorable and manageable at the same time, compared to bigger breeds. Check out this list of popular small dog breeds and find out if your dog is one of them!


This adorably crinkly-faced pooch is a friendly, outgoing dog and loves companionship with humans. He may also compete with you for the couch space, as he loves to lounge around and loves to sleep. However, he is not a lazy dog; in fact, a pug is quite active, and always ready to play. He is gentle, especially to kids.

Shetland Sheepdog

A Shetland sheepdog is a gentle, sweet, and active dog. He loves moving and running around, and playing, of course. As he is a sheepdog, he has a tendency to chase and herd, so he would chase people and other pets. That’s why it’s important to socialize this dog while still young, or take him on a leash when you’re going outdoors. He is a good watchdog, but may bark incessantly.


This beautiful dog has a fox-like appearance. Apart from its place of origin, Japan, Shiba Inu is also popular in the United States, UK and elsewhere. A Shiba Inu is intelligent, independent, and very loyal to its master. They make great companions for people.

Shih Tzu

Called as the “lion dog,” Shih Tzu’s are friendly, playful, and get along well with any adults, children and even fellow pets. Overall, it makes a wonderful family dog. It loves belly rubs! And the good news is that it doesn’t shed like other dogs, but it does require a lot of grooming.

Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire terrier is an active, affectionate and loyal dog to his master. He loves companionship with his humans, but at the same time craves for some action and adventure. His overly protective instincts make him a good watchdog and will ward off strangers with his high-pitched bark. He will chase anyone around him, so it’s important to take him on the leash when going outdoors.

It’s important to socialize him while young, as he can be quite timid with strangers. He is stubborn and therefore hard to housebreak. But the good news is he doesn’t shed fur.


This tri-colored, short-haired dog makes a perfect companion for any owner. They are friendly and gentle especially with kids, and can make you laugh with his funny antics! Being a hound dog though, he has the tendency to hunt so you may catch him sniffing around — he’s got an excellent sense of smell. If you are a hunter, the beagle makes a perfect accomplice. Beagles are difficult to housebreak though, and when buying one you should have long patience to train them.

Boston Terriers

A Boston terrier is a small bundle of energy! He is a very active, lively and intelligent dog, and therefore he is quite easy to train with some little tricks. He is sweet and funny too and loves being the center of attention. His protective nature makes him a good watchdog.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is a friendly, gentle, and sweet dog. Being a very social dog, he loves around being with people, so leaving him alone in the house is not exactly the best thing to do. He is very good especially with children, but being extremely friendly, he doesn’t make a good watchdog. He sheds quite a lot, so don’t think of owning one if you’re a cleanliness freak.


This little dog comes in a short coat and long coat. The Chihuahua is a loving, gentle dog that needs a lot of attention from his masters. He loves being in the lap of his master and getting lavished with affection. Despite its diminutive size, Chihuahuas aren’t exactly dainty and friendly to people, children and pets, and may be wary around strangers. A Chihuahua can scare off even bigger intruders with his aggression and high-pitched bark. His protective instincts and alertness make him a good watchdog. However, he needs to be socialized while young.

This is the picture of the English cocker spaniel. He is a gentle, loving, mild-mannered dog who is also lively and loyal. Although he can be left alone in the house for a short time, he loves human companionship. He loves to give affection to his masters and also being lavished with attention too! He makes a fairly good watchdog, but may be otherwise likely to welcome and lick an intruder when he breaks into your home! He needs a lot of exercising to keep himself active and fit.


Many people may not have realized this, but the dachshund’s long-bodied, short-legged build makes him suitable in tracking down mice, rabbits and other vermin — and he’s very good at it! He is also a good watchdog. A dachshund is very loving and loyal to his immediate family, but can be aggressive towards strangers. Being a hound dog, he tends to sniff, track, and dig, so you may have to control this behavior so that he will not bore a lot of holes in your backyard!

French Bulldog

The French bulldog is a gentle, loyal, sweet and comical little dog. He is also a happy dog, who loves to roll around on the carpet and on the couch, as well as the company of his master. It’s not the best thing if you leave him alone in the house, as he loves being with his immediate family. He is good with kids, but his rough style of playing may hurt the little children.

The Havanese dog is a playful, gentle, friendly and affectionate dog. He is also obedient and quite trainable, and love to show off some the tricks he’s learned! The Havanese obviously loves being the center of attention. He fairly makes a good watchdog, but may welcome burglars as soon as they enter the house! He is more active in the indoors than he is in the outdoors, and doesn’t shed a lot, so he makes a near-perfect house dog.

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer is an energetic, happy, and affectionate dog who loves to be the center of attention. He is also a very loyal dog. Being an intensely active little fella, he should need some avenues to bring out his energy, such as running around in a safely enclosed backyard. Otherwise, he can be restless and will destroy anything in your house! You guessed it, he may be a little stubborn and frisky at times. He is fairly good with strangers, but can be aggressive to other dogs and pet animals.

Also called simply as corgi, this little dog is a loyal, active, affectionate little dog. Don’t be fooled by his size; he is exceptionally brave and protective, and these qualities make him a good watchdog. He loves his immediate human family and tolerates visitors, but can be wary of strangers. Being an energetic dog, the corgi should be given with tricks and moderate amount of exercise to keep him stimulated and active. He can be aggressive and bossy, so he needs to be trained to prevent him from such behavior.


The Pomeranian is a gentle, adorable, loving little dog. He is great with kids as long as it’s introduced to them as a puppy. He is also an active little pooch who loves to work, play and learn new tricks! The Pomeranian can be quite territorial, and this makes him a good watchdog. He is not a good choice for very little children and sensitive people, as he sheds a great deal.


The poodle is one of the most popular toy dogs around. Despite its elegant appearance, the poodle is actually a quite active dog that needs a lot of activity or else, he may become restless and destructive. He is also sensitive, and loving dog who is extremely loyal to his human family. He is the dog who can be easily trained. Poodles frequent in most dog competitions, from dog shows to agility and obedience competitions. He generally gets along okay with other pets, but may be timid towards visitors. He also makes a good watchdog.