Ragdoll: The Puppy-Like Cat


A Ragdoll cat can have you falling into the depths of its glowing, sapphire eyes. It is a large and muscular semi-longhair cat breed that is best known to be docile and has an affectionate nature. This cat breed is popular both in the United Kingdom and its native United States. They … Read more

The Adorable Ragamuffin


The Ragamuffin is a variant of the Ragdoll cat breed and it was established as a separate breed in 1994. Though these breeds are similar in temperament and appearance, the Ragamuffin is more affectionate and it loves to be cuddled. They are popular because of their friendly personalities and thick, rabbit-like fur. … Read more

The Athletic Abyssinian Cat


The Abyssinian or Aby is a short-haired domestic cat which is among the most popular cat breeds. It has a tabby coat that features bands of colors, giving it richness and depth that are not seen in any other breeds. Unlike other cats that love to sit on laps, this breed is … Read more

The Friendly American Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair

The American Shorthair cat breed is a domestic cat that is believed to be a descendant of European cats that were brought to North America by early settlers to protect cargo from mice and rats. It is one of the most popular pedigreed cats in the United States, and it is the … Read more

The Fluffy Persian Cat

Persian cat

The Persian cat or also known as the “Persian Longhair” in the English-speaking countries, is a long-haired breed of cat that is characterized by its round face and short muzzle. They are widely known as “Iranian cats” in the Middle East region and as “Shirazi cats” in Iran. Persian cats are known … Read more

Siamese – The Royal Cat of Siam

Siamese cat

The Siamese cat breed is one of the oldest and most popular cat breeds. It is also one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asian cat. It is a clever and active cat that is known for its willingness to play fetch and walk on a leash. This breed made its … Read more

Maine Coon: The Gentle Giant of Cats

Maine Coon The Gentle Giant of Cats

The Maine Coon cat breed is the official state cat of Maine. It is considered to be the oldest cat breed and also the only longhair breed native to the United States. Maine Coons are known for their big sizes but gentle personalities and sociable natures. This is the reason why they … Read more

10 Best Cat Beds Reviews

Aspen Pet 80135 Self Warming Cat Be

Cat Beds In order to keep the metabolic process sound and efficient it is really necessary for any living thing to get enough sleep. If you don’t get enough and peaceful sleep then there could be dire consequences of this. So is the case with your loving pets (cats or dogs) and … Read more

10 Tips to Take Care of Your Cat

Take Care of Your Cat

Do you want to have pets or want to have? Or if you have pets, then this articles is going to help you a lot. The most liked pet in the world is a cat. Cats are innocent, nice and cute to some extent. Human beings can relate to them because of … Read more

The Best Pet Trackers for Cats

cat with pet tracker

Cats are playful pets that love to hide inside cupboards, boxes, and other unusual places at home. They also like to roam around and even outside the yard, and sometimes it scares most of us that they may not come back. This is the reason why pet trackers are essential when you … Read more

The Best Radio Frequency Pet Trackers

Eureka Technology Marco Polo Advance Pet Tracking System

Based on research, about 60 cats and dogs go missing every hour and it’s something that can be very stressful for pet owners. Most of us have pets that have become part of the family that’s why losing them can be traumatic as well, especially for children. Today, there are now technologies … Read more

Guide to Pet Tracking Products and Services

Having pets at home is like having an extra family member and losing them can cause us panic and stress. When a family member gets lost, it’s easy to find them by just a simple phone call, but when a pet gets lost, it’s difficult for us to locate them. Today, we … Read more

Popular Russian Cat Breeds

Popular Russian Cat Breeds

Russia may be famous for vodka, borscht, matryoshka dolls and the onion-shaped churches and historical buildings, but it also gave the world some of the most beautiful and unique-looking domestic cats. If you’re a cat lover in particular, you may probably love to check out these cat breeds that originated only in … Read more

Famous Cats

Famous Cats

Despite cats’ reputation as being indifferent, hard to train or difficult to work with, there are some of them who have surprisingly excelled at their own jobs. You’ll probably feel a little jealous because your job may not be as cool or fulfilling as these cats’ jobs! On the other hand though, … Read more

Are Cats Really Afraid of Water?

Are Cats Really Afraid of Water?

Have you ever seen a cat that is so excited to dip itself in a water tub to take a bath? Most probably not. Yet, it is most likely that you have seen a cat that is calmly sitting at its resting place but turns violent, angry or distressed when suddenly showered … Read more

Famous Cartoon Pets

Famous Cartoon Pets

Cartoons have been a staple of television entertainment. Many of those well-known and best-loved cartoon characters of children (and even adults alike) are either dogs or cats. These are the some of the most famous cartoon pets who became a visible part of popular culture. 1. Snoopy Snoopy is Charlie Brown’s adorable … Read more

Can Cats Be Trained?

Can Cats Be Trained?

It’s a common misconception that cats, unlike dogs, cannot be trained. Yes, you cannot just say, “Fetch, kitty!” and expect your cat to pick up the Frisbee, but it doesn’t mean you cannot teach them simple tricks. You may need more patience and positive reinforcement, but they can be trained effectively if … Read more

Famous Pets in the White House

Famous Pets in the White House

The most stressful job in the world is probably being the president of the United States. Endearing and amusing companions like pets could greatly help the President relax and de-stress. Over the course of the White House’s history, over 200 pets have lived inside the presidential mansion, but there are only some … Read more

Incredible Stories of Pets Who Returned Home

Incredible Stories of Pets Who Returned Home

Pets are considered members of the family for most households, so whenever they get lost, owners will search for them everywhere – in hopes that they would get back, even with sadness and fear that the worst could have happened to them. And whenever they don’t get found, owners mourn like they … Read more

Interesting Facts About Cats

Interesting Facts About Cats

Cats are our little furry friends. Aside from giving us companionship, they are also excellent in hunting down vermin, such as rats, which are a nuisance to our homes. Over 88 million cats are owned by people in the United States; this is the reason why they top the list of “Most … Read more

Which Is Better — A Cat or A Dog?

Which Is Better — A Cat or A Dog?

Dog over a cat? Or cat over a dog? The debate seems so never-ending when it comes to the subject as to which of the popular pets is a better companion. And the rivalry will never cease today and for good. I guess it depends on your personality, whether you’re a dog … Read more

Most Popular Cat Breeds in the U.S.

Know About the Most Popular Cat Breeds in the U.S.

According to the U.S census, there are over 90 million cats that reside in American homes as pets. Many of these pets are referred to as “domestic longhairs” or “domestic shorthairs”. Only about 3-5% are actual purebreds. There are currently about 40 cat breeds (approximately) but the list continues to grow with … Read more