How to Deal with a Dog Staring at Nothing for Long Hours

How to Deal with a Dog Staring at Nothing for Long Hours

Dogs are incredibly loyal and social. So, when your dog starts to behave in odd manners, you may be concerned. For example, if you catch your dog staring at nothing hours or doing it regularly, it might be disturbing or even frightening for you. It might be an ordinary behavior or might … Read more

What to Do if Your Backyard Chickens Won’t Lay Eggs


Face it, the desire for a reliable supply of fresh eggs is probably one of the biggest reasons to want to keep chickens. So, when your chickens stop laying, it can be a real disappointment. Healthy, happy chickens will start laying when they are around six months old and will continue for … Read more

Joint Pain in Dogs: How You Can Help


80% of dogs show signs of arthritis by age 8, with 20% of them developing the disease as early as 1 year old. With odds as high as these, it’s likely your furry friend will suffer from joint pain sooner or later. Since dogs are unable to help themselves, it will be … Read more

The Benefits of CBD For Dogs

CBD For Dogs

About 33% of Americans have tried cannabidiol (CBD) oil. These products have exploded in recent years with people using them to help with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, cancer symptoms, and more. But, the benefits don’t end with people. Many people have found that there are benefits of CBD for dogs. Read … Read more

Why It’s Important To Monitor Your Dog’s Diet?

Why It's Important To Monitor Your Dog's Diet

Diet is an essential factor in pet care. There are a wide variety of diet plans available today. It’s important to understand the dietary requirements of your pet This can be a challenging task at times; subsequently, it’s recommended to consult your vet or a specialist to understand the need. Various parameters … Read more

How much water should your dog drink to stay healthy?

How much water should your dog drink to stay healthy

Water & Your Dog: What You Need To Know We all know that keeping ourselves hydrated is one of the keys to our health, especially during the hottest seasons of the year. But did you know that proper hydration is just as important for your pup as well? Dogs notoriously slurp and … Read more

Doggy Dental: How to Care For Canine Teeth

Doggy Dental How to Care For Canine Teeth

Dog ownership comes with its fair share of novel challenges, from training to socialising, and grooming, and all those other little responsibilities that may take you by surprise. One of the most tricky challenges, however, tends to be caring for your canine companion’s pearly whites. It’s been estimated that around 80% of … Read more

How to Take Care of a Horse: The Basics Explained


Did you know that the average cost for owning a horse is well over $1,000 per year? Horses are one of the trickiest animals to own due to their intensive care regiment, but even so, they are certainly worth every bit of effort. After all, what exactly do you have to do?   Don’t … Read more

Tips for Looking After Your Dog in the Summer

Tips for Looking After Your Dog in the Summer

Everybody looks forward to the summer. The weather improves and you want to spend a lot of time outdoors. If you have a furry friend, this is an opportunity to go on an adventure. But, we all know that you cannot take your dog out when it is too hot. This can … Read more