The Benefits of CBD For Dogs

About 33% of Americans have tried cannabidiol (CBD) oil. These products have exploded in recent years with people using them to help with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, cancer symptoms, and more. But, the benefits don’t end with people.

Many people have found that there are benefits of CBD for dogs. Read on to find out if this could be a useful product for your furry friend!

Is CBD Safe For Dogs?

Before we dive into the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, let’s talk about risks. Unfortunately, the Federal Drug Administration has not tested and approved CBD oil for dogs or provided a dosing chart. Overall, many people have given their pets CBD oil with no side effects. The company where you buy your CBD dog treats will have a dosing chart for you so you can safely treat your pet.

Don’t let that scare you! Many veterinarians will recommend CBD oil to you. If you have reservations, talk to your vet for more information. This is a natural alternative to medications that may carry many more potential side effects.


The benefits of CBD oil for pets are similar to the benefits to humans. New studies are making more and more progress every day on the uses of this product.

Reducing Pain

There are a variety of reasons that a dog may experience chronic pain. Injury, surgery or a condition may make your pet uncomfortable. CBD has been shown to reduce pain by regulating the production of anandamide. This chemical is associated with blocking pain receptors. If you know the source of the pain, there are topicals you can apply directly to the area.

Increase Appetite and Fights Nausea

Your dog may experience a condition that causes a reduced appetite and nausea. There is evidence that CBD oil can help trigger hunger. In addition, it can also aid in treating symptoms of nausea or upset stomach.

Better Sleep

If your pet is having trouble getting a good night’s sleep then you might try CBD oil. Inflammation, illness, anxiety, and other factors can make your animal feel like it can’t get to sleep. When the components of CBD oil interact with the receptors in the brain, it reduces pain, increases mood, and overall relaxes. The result can be better sleep!


One of the more common uses for humans is in regards to anxiety and depression. In dogs, they may be hyperactive, suffer from seperation anxiety, become overstimulated, or simply be more likely to scare. CBD can help with this by, again, interacting with receptors in the brain to relax and increase mood.


Your dog may be experiencing issues with digestion due to age, injury, or a condition. CBD works to regulate metabolism and better digestion. It may also reduce swelling in the gut, bloating, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

CBD For Dogs

Overall, CBD for dogs is similar to CBD for humans. We can both experience great benefits from these products. As more research comes out, there are more and more possibilities.

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