The 4 Types of Preventives Your Dog Needs Every Single Month


Every pet parent would agree that prevention is always better than treating a complex medical condition or disease. Dogs do not enjoy the same degree of medical care humans do and a lot of these diseases thus can lead to fatal results. While there are some conditions that are not easily preventable, … Read more

10 Lies About Dogs We All Believe


Understanding the behavior of our pet dogs helps us to take care of them better. When our dogs don’t act normally as they should or are not feeling well, we take appropriate actions to address such behavior. Unfortunately though, the information that we receive about dogs is mostly untrue. Here in this … Read more

What Are the Most Endangered Species

What Are the Most Endangered Species

Due to land development, agriculture, and many other environmental factors, the habitats of some species have been reduced, and continuously reducing, sadly. Pollution, hunting and poaching are the major factors why these species are on the endangered list. Action must be taken as soon as possible so that they won’t be nearing … Read more