Spare Room Ideas For a Garage

If you have always wanted more space in your home, you can consider converting your garage into a spare room. A two-car garage can give you around 600 square feet of additional living space. You can convert it into a storage space or into a room for working, relaxing, or entertaining. Not all homeowners use their garage for parking their car, but they use it as a storeroom, workout room, kids’ playroom, study room, etc. 

Turning a garage into a functional and beautiful space is usually less expensive than a complete renovation and it requires only a few changes to the exterior of your home. Changing the garage door can improve the look of your spare room in the garage. You can get the most out of it and enjoy it through different seasons. 

Spare Room Ideas For A Garage

Extra Living Room 

Extra Living Room 

A garage is perfect for transforming it into an additional living room. Many homeowners choose to remove the wall between the garage and the rest of the house to allow it to be a part of the house. You can add heating and air condition by connecting them to your existing system. Also, you can install portable units. The partition walls, ceiling, or vaulted ceiling with exposed beams can be installed for insulation. 

You can consider adding recessed or ceiling light fixtures for a warm glow. The functional and comfortable furniture can be suitable for the whole family or guests. For the flooring of the extra living room in your garage, you can consider polishing the concrete or laminate the wood floor with a carpet that adds comfort. The neutral paint color and pops of color with decorative pieces such as pillows and décor will make your spare room more attractive. 

Hanging pictures or paintings on the walls will help you to décor your spare room. A modern or contemporary garage door with lots of windows make it the best living room with more natural light. The aluminum and glass garage doors will make your garage a sunroom that you can enjoy in winter. The tinted glass or with a variety of hues make sure that you have the right level of light and privacy. 

Make sure as your start your revonation project with your contractors that you keep in mind contractor employee safety as well as resident safety.



If you know the woodwork, or you are an artist or car enthusiast, then consider your garage into the perfect workshop for storing tools and doing projects. Garages provide plenty of space for vehicles, large tools, and workbenches. Since the garage space will be used all year round such as it will cool down and heat up.

You might need to add additional ventilation if you are planning to work with car exhaust or fumes from chemicals, stains, or paint. Most workshops need an electrical upgrade to accommodate additional lighting for larger machines and extra tasks. Hence, you need to keep it separate from the home circuit. If you want to add a bathroom or sink for washing your hands, brushes, or tools, then you have to do plumbing and provide running water for such tasks. 

With custom cabinets and a sturdy workbench, you should provide ample space for storing tools and working on different projects. You can use a folding workbench to maximize the space in your workshop. Also, rolling tool chests, pegboard walls, drawers, etc. will free up a lot of space in your garage. If you will be standing on the floor for a longer time, you can use rubber tiles or epoxy that provides great traction. 

Upgraded Storage Space 

Upgraded Storage Space

Most people use the garage for more storage space. It will be a perfect idea for converting the garage into more storage space but you have to plan the space wisely. Think of the items that you will be keeping in storage and the ones you want to dispose of. It will help you to organize your things in various ways. 

  • Workspace: Leisure workbench or cupboards. 
  • Frequently Used Items: Keep them near the garage door.
  • Storage for Large Items: Coolers, Bikes, Sleds, or anything too large to be store elsewhere. 
  • Transition Zone: Things like shoes, bags, and jackets that you need to grab before you leave the house.
  • Long, Thin, Tall Storage: Everything from skis to rakes. 
  • I Need Them Now: everyday items like bulk food and paper items.

There are plenty of storage solutions such as lockers, plastic buckets, wall cabinets, etc. The storage options you will be choosing for your spare room should be durable. The items like shelves, hooks, and racks should be adjustable. In this case, you will not be using your garage as a living room so heating, cooling, and insulation of your garage is not necessary. But good ventilation will prevent mildew and rust. 

The concrete floor can be left as is or you can add a coat of epoxy to keep it clean or easy to clean. A wall-mounted garage door opener can be used instead of a ceiling opener that will keep your valuable ceiling space free for more storage. If you plan the layout correctly, you might still be able to park your car in the garage. 

Social Room or Bar 

Social Room or Bar 

Transforming your garage into a club room or bar can be the perfect idea for an entertainment space. If you want to use your garage all year round, then you will have to work on insulation, air conditioning, and heating. It will protect the toys such as pinball machines and pool tables from extreme temperatures or humidity. Also, you can choose to install drywall and paint the ceiling and walls or you can leave the joists exposed. 

There are a lot of flooring options that you can opt for in social rooms such as adhesive garage tile, hardwood, carpet, polished concrete, etc. To make your garage more entertaining, you might have to upgrade the electrical system by adding lighting, sound systems, television, ceiling fans, refrigerator, etc. you might have to install pipes if you plan to have a bar in your garage. 

The decorating style should reflect the feel of the space with plenty of comfy sofas, seating, interesting lighting, track lights, string lights, etc. You can hang a mirror behind the bar to expand the space and add shelves and racks to store glasses and bottles. Additionally, you can use sports memorabilia, darts, and neon signs that will turn the garage into an indoor/outdoor entertaining space during the warmer months. 

Guest Room 

Guest Room 

If you are planning to have a short-term rental room or guest room in your garage, then you can convert it into a guest room. Also, it will help you to entertain your family and friends and if your older kids want to have space of their own. Hence, you can convert the garage into an elegant guest bedroom. For this purpose, you will have to plan the layout that will best suit the needs and comfort of your guests. 

You can add a closet to store the clothes and plumbing for the kitchen and bathroom in your garage. With drywall, you can isolate the space for keeping the room heated or cooled for maximum comfort. The electrical outlets should be in easy-to-reach places and the cozy lighting will make it comfortable for your guests. 

When it is often that your guests stay for a longer period, you should install beautiful floors such as wood or rugs. The airy paint colors, curtains, comfortable furniture, wall décor will make it attractive and comfortable for your guests. The cart-style swing doors will avoid a cumbersome opening motor. The garage doors can be used as front doors for your guests. Wooden garage doors give an elegant and luxurious look to your spare room. 

Alternative Ideas

You can use your garage room for alternative ideas such as extra storage space, living room, workshop, guest room, social room or bar, etc. If you are having a two-car garage space, instead of using it as a storeroom, you can utilize the space for various options. 

Converting the garage into a living room or workshop will require layout planning, plumbing, electrical work, lighting, flooring, paint jobs, etc. Apart from using the garage for various options, you can use the left space for parking your car and safely storing chemicals in a garage