What to Know Before Joining a Country Club

Most of us probably got the idea of how a country club works from movies because many of them featured characters who belong to country clubs. Most of us probably haven’t been to an actual country club. You may think that you have a decent idea of what country clubs are all about, but you have to understand what it will entail fully if you’re considering getting a membership. That is why in this article, we are going to give you some tips and information that you should know before joining a country club.

What is a Country Club?

A country club is a membership organization for recreation, golf, and social activities. Most of these clubs have expensive facilities with top-rate dining options, golf courses, pro shops, and many more. Some of these organizations often label themselves are country clubs, but others like to label themselves as golf clubs. You may ask yourself, what are the difference? The terms are interchangeable for starters, but as a general rule, a country club offers several facilities and programs, while a golf club’s primary focus is golf.

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How Much Does it Cost?

As we mentioned, a country club is a private organization, so you will have to pay so that you will become a member. The initial fee is often the most extensive lump sum that you will have to pay, and some clubs may refund this amount if you decide to leave the club, but not all country clubs do this.

There are also the annual fees which you will have to pay in order to keep your membership. The yearly dues typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Country Club?

When you join a country club, you will be entitled to many benefits. Even if you cannot take advantage of all of them, you will indeed find some activities that will appeal to you. Amenities may vary, but some are common ones that are similar. For example, you will have golf privileges which means that you will always have the first access to tee times. Country clubs also have dining facilities where you can grab a drink or have a bite after a round of golf. When you’re a member of a country club, you will be able to rent the club facilities for private events such as wedding receptions or birthday parties.

What are the Rules in a Country Club?

Every country club has its own guidelines and rules. That is why before joining one, you must know what their rules are and determine if they will mesh with your approach to life and golf. Some country clubs often have limitations such as:

Phone use

Some country clubs have restrictions when it comes to phone use; it typically ensures that a player would not hold up a game just to take a business call.

Dress code

Country clubs often have guidelines when it comes to what the players can wear when they are on the golf course.


Country clubs often limit how many guests a member can bring and when they can bring them.

Business talk

Even if a country club may seem like a good place to talk business, most of them do not allow a member to spend their time there and thinking about business.

Most club rules are often imposed to create a pleasant experience and ensure that their guests will experience how to live the lush life while they at the club.

How Do You Know if a Membership is Right for You?

Not all country clubs are alike, which is why the only way to know for sure whether a country club is right for you, you should consider visiting the club, asking about their costs and application process, talk to current or past members, and more importantly, read the fine print to make sure that you know the ins and outs of the membership.