How to Make Your Dog Happy and Healthy: 10 Top Tips

Are you trying to figure out how to make your dog happy? Read this article to learn the top tips for making your dog happy and healthy.

As a pet owner, it is crucial to know how to make your dog happy and healthy. Not only will it make it easier to spot when Fido is feeling down or sick, but it’ll strengthen your bond.

Like humans, dogs need certain things to survive, like a balanced diet, exercise, water, and shelter. Also like humans, a dog needs fun, love, and comfort to really thrive in life.

Curious as to what else it takes to deliver the best possible care to your pup? Read on for tips for owning a happy and healthy dog.

1. High-Quality Pet Food 

It is essential to your dog’s health that they get all the nutrients they need.

While most dog foods on the market will give your dog the calories that they need to survive, the quality depends on the contents.  Certain foods have fillers and extras that are unhelpful, and even harmful, to eat. You can add CBD dog treats in their diet.

Also, if there are too many grains in the food, your dog may eat a lot without really feeling full. Look for foods that have high amounts of protein, followed by vegetables.

2. Regular Exercise

Just like humans, dogs need regular exercise to be considered healthy.

Not only is it good for Fido’s health to get out there and walk or run, but exercise is one of the things that make dogs happiest.

So, what is considered a good amount of exercise? Two walks a day is a great start.

The length of the walks and the amount of exercise your dog needs are heavily influenced by their breed. Some breeds need to be able to run around a hefty portion of the day to really be at their optimal health and happiness. Others just need a walk around the block before they are exhausted.

Some exercises you can do with your dog include walking, hiking, swimming, and obedience training. Don’t have space outside where you can exercise your dog all the time? Stairs and treadmills are good ways to get your dog active indoors. A good veterinarian will be able to help you understand the best type and length of exercise needed for your breed.

3. Fresh Supply of Water

It is essential for your dog’s health to stay hydrated.

Want to make your favorite pup happy? Replace your dog’s water multiple times a day, if possible. If you’re not able to, try one of those fountain water dishes to keep your dog drinking fresh water all day. If your dog wont drink water it may cause a problem in their stomach.

Not only is it important to keep the water flowing for your dog, but make sure to frequently wash the water bowl itself. This will prevent bacteria from building.

4. CBD Oil

You may be wondering why we have CBD oil on this list. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a popular solution to many health problems.

If you relieve your dog’s pain or stress, there is no doubt they’ll also be happier.

You may be wondering about the benefits of CBD. Is CBD oil good for hip dysplasia in dogs? What about other physical ailments? Anxiety?

The research is still forming, but anecdotes and studies so far have pointed in the direction that CBD has many qualities. These include pain relief, anti-inflammatory properties, stress relief, seizure reduction, and more.

5. Annual Vet Appointments 

A key aspect of keeping your pet healthy is by taking them to their annual appointment at your trusted veterinarian.

Not only is the vet important for preventative care like tick control, heartworm medicine, and rabies shots, but it’s critical for identifying any possible health problems.

You know from past experiences that when your dog isn’t feeling well, they aren’t at their happiest.

Though regular vet appointments are an essential part of your dog staying healthy, so are emergency visits. If you notice your dog acting odd, not eating or drinking, or not going to the bathroom, contact your veterinarian to be seen immediately.

6. Clean Bedding

A comfy bed to sleep or lounge in is essential when it comes to pet ownership. Though they’ll likely sneak onto your bed anyways, make sure you keep their bedding clean and dry.

There is nothing like climbing into bed at night, stretching out, and getting comfortable. Give your dog the same courtesy!

7. Socialize

If you have only one dog, it’s important to develop proper socialization skills with other dogs.

One way to socialize your dog is by having doggy play dates, or sending your dog to a playgroup! Yes, these exist and it’s precious.

Of course, dog parks exist for this very reason. If your dog isn’t aggressive, it would be a good idea to regularly bring them to the dog park to be around other dogs and people. Plus, they can run around and get great exercise!

8. Snuggles and Belly Rubs

There is more to a dog’s happiness than their health and having food, shelter, and water.

A huge factor in their happiness is your interactions with them and the love you provide.

Treat your dog with dignity. Don’t keep them in the garage or basement, let them come up on couches and beds and carpeted areas. Give them compassion, patience, and kindness.

The love you show your dog will make all the difference in its life.

9. Their Own Space

Most humans cherish their alone time, and dogs are no different. Give your pup space for them to be by themselves if they wish.

Some crate-trained dogs love their crate and this provides a sense of security for them. If you’re not into crate-training, you can give them whatever space you have available.

Whether it is the corner of a room, the guest bedroom, or the den, give your dog a place to relax when they want a moment alone.

10. Toys

Toys play a vital role in making Fido happy, but did you know that some toys have benefits for their health too?

Bones are a particularly favored toy that can help clean teeth! Toys, like balls or ropes, can be used to fetch and promote exercise.

And while health may be an encouraging reason to get your dog toys, it shouldn’t be the only.

Dog’s, like humans, grow attachments to things; they may find comfort in a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.

Another reason to get a new toy- dogs like to play. Plain and simple, playing makes dogs pretty happy.

Who isn’t excited when they get a new toy?

Learn How to Make Your Dog Happy

What does your dog like to do? What makes them happy?

For some it’s swimming in the river, for other pups it’s lazy naps with their human. Only you really know how to make your dog happy. Do different activities with your dog and see what perks them up!

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