3 Tried and Tested Methods to Make Your Dog Smarter

Much like humans, your pet’s intelligence can also be improved. With comprehensive training and education, your dog can become more smarter and receptive to its surroundings.

Moreover, improving your dog’s mental awareness can have several benefits for your pet. A well-trained dog is smarter, well behaved, and more joyous to play with. But, to train your dog, you’ll have to make an extra effort and take some time from your everyday routine. Except soon, you’ll find that training your dog is the most fun and exciting thing you can do.

The below-mentioned list of simple yet effective methods will help you achieve this goal more efficiently. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Make Eating a Fun Activity

It’s no secret that dogs love to eat. So, provide them with an opportunity to earn their treats by playing exciting games with them. You can plan for a treasure hunt, play hide and seek with treats and use a treat-dispensing toy to reward them for their success. All these activities will keep their brains active and ready to learn new patterns.

But, if your dog is finding it hard to deal with all these mental activities and building stress and anxiety in your pet, look for methods to deal with this problem. With the help of organic CBD oil, you can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety levels in your pet. You can simply add to their regular diet or treats to help them reap the benefits of CBD oil. After a few days of its consumption by your dog, you’ll find that they are getting better at following the training routine.

Get Them Familiar With Hand Gestures

Dogs naturally enjoy responding to visual cues. And over the centuries, animals have adapted to understand humans through visual communication. For example, training them to pick things by pointing at them is an excellent exercise for your dog. Dogs are a few of the animals that understand gestures and correctly respond to them.

To get better results from this training, you can back up your commands with your voice. It’ll help your dog to respond faster and enthusiastically at the same time. Moreover, you can use this training in many fun ways, such as commanding your dog to bring newspapers from the porch or sit quietly whenever they are making a fuss around your home.

Make Them Understand Your Language

You must have noticed that your dog sometimes understands exactly what you are trying to say. As a result, you can use this trait to enhance the mental capabilities of your pet further. By teaching your dog to associate words with activities, behaviors, and items, you’ll be heightening your dog’s awareness levels.

To help your dog learn new words, you can start by associating their right actions with a treat as a reward. It’ll help them know when they are making the right actions and failing to understand the word you have said.

In Conclusion

When you have a more intelligent pet in your home, you have fewer reasons to worry about them. As a result of the training, they get better at decision making and know what makes their master happy and upset. So if you are a dog owner, investing your time into your pet’s training has significant benefits for you and your dog.