Will An Amazon Parrot Make A Great Pet Bird?

Amazon Parrot

The Amazon parrot may be your next new favorite pet—it ties with the African Grey parrot in terms of fame—and 7% of bird parents own at least one Amazon or African Grey parrot. Amazon parrots are full of personality, good talkers, and colorful, making them one of the most sought-after pet birds. … Read more

Seriously, are you a pet lover?

It enforces good behavior

Between 2018 and 2020, the Canadian dog population increased from 7.6 million to 7.7 million, while the cat population remained stable. Cats, on the other hand, continue to exceed dogs, with an estimated 8.1 million cats designated family pets in 2020. However, the question of why we need a pet arises. Why … Read more

Diseases You Can Catch From Your Pet

Pet disease

You love your pets with all your heart and you want to ensure their health and happiness. However, if you are too close to your pet or often near or around them, it’s possible that you can catch diseases from them. Yes, your lovable pets can transmit diseases to you, too. Here’s … Read more